A Tuft and Needle Pillow Review

tuft and needle pillow review

There are many features that make this pillow different from others. Price, firmness, cooling, and breathability are the main characteristics you should look for. This Tuft and Needle pillow review will cover all these features and more. After reading this review, you should be able to make a better decision regarding the purchase of this pillow. Hopefully, this review has given you some insight into this new type of pillow. You may be interested in trying it out!


A tuft and needle pillow is a great investment for your bedroom, and they offer a 100-night sleep trial period and a limited warranty for peace of mind. The warranty covers workmanship defects and material flaws, so you don’t have to worry about it being faulty or breaking down due to regular use. You can even return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied. This pillow is not only comfortable, it is also environmentally friendly.

The price of a Tuft and Needle pillow is average, but the company does offer a 100-night free trial period. You can try it out for 100 nights and receive a full refund if you are unhappy. The pillow is also backed by a three-year warranty. If you are concerned about the price, you can also read about its quality and look for special promotions. A good memory foam pillow can significantly reduce neck pain.


A company called Tuft and Needle was founded in 2012 by a husband and wife team, who wanted to offer transparency in the industry. They worked with over 400 schools to develop their patented foam pillows and mattress systems. Each one features custom-cut support for spinal alignment and cooling comfort. The company has a CertiPUR-US certification for indoor air quality. This certification ensures that the pillow meets and exceeds all safety standards for children’s products.

Unlike many other pillows, the Tuft & Needle pillow has a cooling gel bead, graphite infusion, and breathable structure. This means no off-gassing or expansion periods. In addition, the pillow is machine-washable. Tuft & Needle pillows are also CertiPUR-US certified, so you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals used in production.


Breathability is an important consideration when selecting a pillow. The Tuft and Needle pillow is no exception, offering a five-inch loft and a thin, breathable cover. Both the pillow and the cover are machine-washable and are air-dried. The pillow’s high loft, custom cut foam, and responsive cover offer a great combination of comfort and durability. In addition to being highly responsive, the Tuft & Needle pillow is also hypoallergenic, which means you can use it for travel.

The core of a Tuft & Needle pillow is made from special Adaptive foam. Each piece of foam is custom-cut to ensure comfort, support, and cooling. The graphite in the foam draws heat away from the body, while cooling gel beads are embedded in the pillow’s cover. This design also promotes airflow while stacking to provide more support. It also boasts a three-year warranty.


Tuft & Needle pillows use cool gel beads and a graphite infusion for additional comfort. These features are combined with a breathable fabric shell for maximum air circulation. The pillow does not have an off-gassing or expansion time, and the cover can be machine washed. The pillow is also CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals. A 100-night money-back guarantee is available.

In 2022, a Tuft & Needle pillow tied for eighth place in the Best Pillows for Neck Pain and the Best Pillows of 2022. This pillow provides cooling comfort while maintaining spinal alignment. It is best for hot sleepers and warm climates. The cooling pillow is machine-washable and dries on a low heat setting, which is also a plus for sensitive sleepers.


The environmental responsibility of tuft and needle pillows is apparent from their packaging. A small cardboard box enclosing the pillow is recycled to produce a sustainable, nontoxic material. After being made in small batches, tuft and needle pillows are a natural choice for environmentally conscious consumers. The pillow is manufactured in the United States, so it is made from 100% post-consumer waste, which helps reduce the company’s environmental impact.

To maintain its green credentials, the Tuft & Needle pillow is certified to be eco-friendly by both CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100. The company’s patented Adaptive Foam combines the advantages of latex and memory foam, providing a responsive yet lightweight feel. This eco-friendly pillow is packaged in a micro-polyamide and polyester pillowcase, which is also breathable.

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