Aireloom Mattress Reviews

aireloom mattress reviews

If you’re looking for a great mattress, consider an Aireloom. This brand, made by California-based E.S. Kluft & Company, offers a wide variety of styles for different types of sleepers. From warm and soft mattresses to toppers that feel like they’re on the outer edge of a mountain, there’s a type of Aireloom mattress for you. Read on to learn more about the mattress’s features, benefits, and more!

Streamline Firm

When it comes to airbeds, the latest innovation in this field is the Aireloom mattress. The revolutionary design combined with the next-generation materials allow your body’s natural sleeping chamber to breath, perform at its optimal level, and feel the best. Its springs and layers of luxury materials synchronize with your body to deliver a unique lift that can only be described as a lift. It is easy to see why the airbed has been the subject of so many positive reviews.

The top layer is made of plush material, which is beneficial for side sleepers. The plush layer provides cushioning to the hips and shoulders. The firm layers underneath keep your spine in the right position and provide back support and pressure point relief. This mattress is also comfortable for back sleepers and can accommodate any size sleeper. The latex layers also lift your entire body. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you should take care to align your spine properly.

When it comes to airbeds, you can choose between the two firm options. Both mattresses feature the same Preferred Luxetop quilt. Streamline Designs uses sustainable Tencel fabric to make their mattresses. The Tencel fabric helps to cool your body and provides body contouring support. Then, there are layers of wool and silk that support your back. Finally, the Aireloom Streamline Firm mattress has a layer of unique quilting foam called Pillowflex ™ which adds extra plushness and support.

Luxury Firm

The Aireloom mattress is designed for those who want luxury sleep but do not want to spend a lot of money. The firm and plush layers are designed to help your body stay in a neutral position. The firmness is adjusted according to the sleeping position of the person. It is better for side sleepers as they feel less pressure in the shoulders and hips. Besides that, the latex layers lift the entire body.

The Aireloom luxury firm mattress is made from latex, memory foam, and cotton. All three materials are known for their ability to absorb motion and help you feel more comfortable while sleeping. This mattress also features the Aireloom Lift technology, which combines the best of latex and the highest-density perimeter support. The Aireloom lift also helps reduce movement and helps regulate your body temperature. The mattress’s patented Aireloom Lift and Energex Core System work together to keep the mattress in place and prevent it from sagging.

One of the best features of the Aireloom luxury firm mattress is its edge support. The high-density foam encasement means that every inch of your bed is usable space. This gives you a larger bed and prevents sagging or rolling off in the future. Another great thing about Aireloom is that it’s made in California, which means that it’s guaranteed to be of high quality.


Aireloom mattresses are available at most retailers and are known for their hypoallergenic luxury covers and individually wrapped coils. The top layers of this mattress are made of a smooth, soft fabric called Ultra Conforming Knit with Tencel, and they are temperature neutral. The lower gauge coils are wrapped around the support core, creating a supportive, flat surface. Both layers are hypoallergenic, and they feature hand-tufted covers.

The Aireloom hybrid mattress offers better comfort than other mattresses. Its innovative design and materials offer excellent temperature regulation and unmatched cleanliness. The Aireloom Hybrid Plush mattress, with micro-coils, has excellent support and is moderately soft. Hybrid Aireloom mattress reviews highlight the company’s high quality standards. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its materials and manufacturing processes.

Another high-end hybrid mattress from Aireloom is the WinkBed Hybrid. This mattress is made of a durable double coil construction that responds to body movements. The Aireloom Preferred Collection features mattresses made of innovative materials including TENCEL fabric, Celsion Latex, and hand-tufting. The firmness levels in these mattresses are adjustable, allowing you to find the best comfort level for your needs.

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