Aldi Eselle Mattress Review

estelle mattress review

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across the Eselle. This mattress comes in boxed form and is available from your local Aldi store. Because the packaging is minimal, it’s easy to transport, even in your car. While the Eselle might not be the best-quality mattress you’ve tried, it offers many advantages. Read on to learn more about this pocket coils system and OEKO TEK-certified latex.

Eselle mattress uses OEKO TEK certified latex

The GOLS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification ensures that latex mattresses are free from harmful chemicals. In addition to being a good choice for those who want to reduce their exposure to VOCs, GOLS requires a minimum of 95% organic latex in their products. Moreover, the standards for latex mattresses include the environmental impact of the rubber plantations and the emissions caused during the manufacturing process. OEKO-TEK certification is also important for consumers who are concerned about the safety of their latex mattresses.

While there are a number of certifications for organic products, OEKO TEK certification is the best option. It is the only international standard for latex that covers the entire manufacturing process from extraction to final product. The Eselle mattress also uses OEKO TEK certified latex. This certification also means that the mattress is manufactured using the best possible practices. The Rainforest Alliance certification, meanwhile, covers the rubber production process, but does not address the main component of mattresses.

It uses a pocket coils system

The Estelle mattress features a unique pocket coils system, designed to combat the problems associated with traditional innerspring mattresses. Instead of being connected together, the pocket coils are individually wrapped for a more comfortable sleep. The Estelle is also made with a 7 Zone European pocket coil system, which allows for maximum contouring and less squeaking. The pocket coils are individually wrapped, meaning they don’t disturb your partner’s sleep or yours.

A pocketed coils system has several smaller coils individually wrapped in fabric and stitched into the mattress. Because the coils are individually wrapped, they react to pressure point relief and are more comfortable than other systems. Because pocket springs respond to movement, they don’t transfer movement to the sleeper’s partner. A pocketed coil mattress is also ideal for sharing a bed with your partner.

It is cheaper than other brands

Aldi has a new, cheaper mattress. The Estelle mattress from Aldi is a boxed mattress sold at your local Aldi store. Its packaging is minimal, so it can easily be transported in a car. There are a lot of benefits to this mattress, including its low price. You can purchase it in any standard size. You can find it for less than $750.

Mattresses can be expensive, so make sure you research shipping costs before you buy. Online retailers often have special sales around the holidays. Some retailers offer free shipping while others require an additional sales tax. You may also want to look into the “White Glove Delivery” option when ordering from an online store. This service is particularly convenient if you plan to purchase a mattress that is very heavy or for a second-floor bedroom.

It is pick-up-only

The Aldi Estelle mattress is a boxed bed that can be picked up at your local Aldi store. The packaging is minimal and the bed can easily be transported in your car. The mattress comes with a variety of benefits and a fair price. The following are some of these benefits and how they compare to other beds. Read on to learn more about the Aldi Estelle mattress.

The Aldi Estelle mattress is available in single, twin, king, and cal king sizes for just $159 or $299, depending on the size. It boasts a medium feel with premium pocket spring technology and memory foam for additional comfort and support. The mattress comes packed in a box and expands to its full size when opened. However, the Aldi Estelle mattress is pick-up-only.

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