Avenco Mattress Review Reddit

avenco mattress review reddit

Avenco mattresses have received a plethora of positive reviews on the internet. From consumers who praised their firmness to the warranty, these mattresses have become popular in recent years. Listed below are the main features of these mattresses, as well as the price and return policy. If you’re considering purchasing one of these mattresses, keep reading. You may be surprised at the differences you’ll find.


The Avenco Original is a medium-firm mattress that offers a good amount of bounce and cooling for hot sleepers. It provides enough lift for back and side sleepers to avoid pain and to keep the spine in alignment. This medium-firm mattress is rated about 6 on the firmness scale. Unlike other medium-firm mattresses, the Avenco Original conforms to the shape of your body. Its medium-firmness rating is ideal for most sleepers.

The Avenco Zone Hybrid Mattress is a firm bed for side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Regardless of your sleeping position, the Avenco Zone Hybrid will feel firm. On the other hand, the Puffy Lux Hybrid is designed for side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Both of these mattresses are firm, but will provide excellent pressure relief. However, if you are a side sleeper, you may want a more soft-ish mattress.


If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress with a long lifespan, consider the Avenco Original Hybrid. Its five-layer construction features a stretch knit modal fabric cover, two centimeters of cooling gel memory foam, and a layer of breathable transition foam. It also contains individually wrapped steel coils, which provide more adaptability and motion isolation than open-coil systems in innerspring mattresses.

The Avenco mattress comes in a box, which makes it convenient to flip. It features two layers: a softer memory foam layer and a firmer one. It rates on a scale of one to ten, with softer sides scoring four and firm sides ranking seven. Consumer reports confirm that it is not prone to chemical odors, which can be a concern with hybrid mattresses. The mattress also features a lifetime warranty.

The Avenco Original is one of the best mattresses under $500, and the company offers several other models, as well. It ships to every state and is easy to set up. Its gel memory foam is CertiPUR-US-certified, and it’s also very comfortable to sleep on. With so many benefits, the Avenco Original is a good option for the average consumer. The company offers free shipping and returns.


The Avenco Original Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and offers up to a full refund if you’re not satisfied. This policy is nearly industry standard for mail-order mattresses, but it is definitely something worth considering. The 100-night sleep trial is also a great way to see if you like the quality of the mattress before you purchase it.

Another great thing about Avenco mattresses is that they come with a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in craftsmanship and premature aging, but it doesn’t cover damage caused by improper care or abuse. Therefore, it is recommended that you protect your mattress with a mattress protector and rotate it at least twice a year. You can also get a replacement bed from Avenco if yours wears down prematurely.


Avenco mattresses are known for their durability and comfort. In fact, they offer a 100-night sleep trial with full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Customers who return their mattresses under this policy must ensure that they have not damaged the mattress. To be eligible for a refund, the mattress must be undamaged. To ensure its longevity, customers should use a mattress protector. Avenco is also known for its 100-night trial, which has now become industry standard.

The Avenco Original hybrid offers five cooling technologies, including CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. This technology enables optimum airflow, which helps to reduce the risk of body heat buildup. The Avenco Original also contains a pressure-relieving foam transition layer and gel memory foam comfort layers. This material protects from pressure from the pocket coil support core. CertiPUR-US certification ensures that the memory foam used in Avenco mattresses is free of toxic chemicals.

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