Avocado Latex Mattress Review

avocado latex mattress review

The Avocado Latex mattress is a great choice for anyone that wants an all-natural, sustainable, and toxic-free sleep surface. This eco-friendly mattress uses organic and GREENGUARD Gold certified materials.

This mattress also offers excellent support for back and stomach sleepers. It’s not the best for side sleepers though, because it doesn’t offer a lot of pressure relief.


The Avocado Latex is their most firm mattress, and it prioritizes responsiveness over a sinking foam feeling for pressure relief.

It’s designed for side sleepers, back sleepers and combination sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress to support their sleeping positions. It will also help protect your lower back from sinking into the mattress or sagging in over time, which can lead to aches and pains down the road.

It’s made with multiple Dunlop latex layers, plus tufted wool. Both of these materials are naturally cooling and promote temperature neutrality. This makes the mattress a good option for hot sleepers.


Avocado latex mattresses are known for their comfortable sleep surface, resulting in long-lasting durability. Their latex layer is also naturally aerated, which keeps the mattress cool to the touch.

The organic cotton cover and wool layers keep this surface breathable, too. Combined with the Dunlop latex, this helps to minimize sweating and heat retention.

In addition to its all-natural materials, the Avocado latex mattress features a convoluted comfort layer that is zoned with different firmness levels for optimal pressure relief and spinal alignment.

Depending on the size of your bed, there are up to 975 coils in the pocketed system that provide even weight distribution and pressure relief.

The edge support on the Avocado latex mattress is exceptional, as well. This increases your usable sleep surface and makes it easier to get in and out of bed.


The Avocado latex mattress is a very high-quality bed that should hold up much longer than a traditional spring or memory foam bed. It may be a bit more expensive than some other all-latex beds but you should be able to get at least seven years out of this mattress which is good value for a premium product like this one.

In addition to its Dunlop latex layers the Avocado mattress also has a layer of pocketed coils that are naturally durable and help to support the sleeper. Its breathable cotton cover and temperature-regulating wool add to the durability of this bed by limiting heat retention.

Another feature that makes this mattress a standout is its patented convoluted comfort layer. This layer combines three different zones of firmness and is tufted into the cover to provide additional comfort and softness.


Avocado is a relatively new company, but they’re already known for their organic bedding options. They’re GOTS-certified, which means they follow strict environmental standards to create their products.

Unlike most other natural and organic mattress brands, the Avocado latex bed does not use foams like polyurethane or memory foam. Instead, it combines three layers of latex and cotton for a more responsive, durable support.

The patented convoluted latex is shaped into zig-zagging peaks and valleys to create three zones that target pressure points and prevent back pain. It also limits motion transfer by minimizing bounce.

The organic latex and wool are breathable, which helps to keep sleepers cool without trapping heat. This makes it a great option for hot sleepers, and the foam layer also provides a supportive surface that allows you to change positions easily.

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