Awara Reviews – What You Should Know About Awara Mattresses

awara reviews

There are many things to consider when reading Awara reviews, such as the 365-night trial and Forever warranty. You should also take into consideration the rubbery smell, which may cause a headache for back and stomach sleepers. However, it is important to remember that the reviews posted on this website are based solely on user feedback. If you are unsure whether this mattress is right for you, read on to learn about the pros and cons of this mattress.

365-night trial

Awara has an excellent lifetime warranty and a 365-night trial, so you can try their mattresses out for a full year. If you don’t like the Awara for any reason, you can simply return it for a full refund. The company will also pick up your returned mattress and donate it to charity. However, many people have complained that the Awara is too firm. This mattress actually rates at 7.5/10 firmness.

Awara is one of the few mattress companies to offer a 365-night trial. This trial period gives you enough time to try out the mattress and determine if it is right for you. If you aren’t satisfied, you can call the customer support team to arrange for pick-up. There is no need to roll it up and put it back in its box, as they will pick it up and donate it to a local charity.

Forever warranty

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Rubbery smell

Awara mattresses have a rubbery smell when you first unpack them. While the smell goes away quickly, some customers complain that they experience shoulder pain or other discomforts after sleeping on the mattress. You can return the Awara during the trial period. This product is certified organic and free from lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or other ozone-depleting properties. The company is based in the USA and its mattresses are made using sustainable methods.

The smell is caused by low-molecular-weight carboxylic acids. These compounds produce aldehydes, ketones, and alcohols. In addition, fatty acid esters were detected in Awara rubber for the first time. The formation of these compounds is believed to be the result of either microbial action or an esterase during the coagulation process. The company is also committed to planting 10 trees for every Awara product sold.

Comfort for back and stomach sleepers

While Awara’s Awara Comfort is meant for back and stomach sleepers, it is equally as comfortable for side and combo sleepers. Heavyweight back sleepers should find plenty of spinal support in the Awara, but those who prefer to sleep on their sides may feel that the bed is too firm for them. Side sleepers will also likely feel pressure around the shoulder area. The Awara is designed for combination sleepers, so it’s worth considering which sleeping position you prefer.

Awara mattresses come in medium, firm, and luxury hybrid varieties. The medium firm and Luxury Hybrid are best for back and stomach sleepers, and the Premier is better for side sleepers. The Premier offers more contouring and subtle bounce than either the Awara or the Avocado. If you’re a heavier side sleeper, the Premier is the better option. Whether you prefer a medium or soft mattress, Awara offers a lifetime warranty.


Several reports have indicated that the price of Awara in Kano State has skyrocketed by as much as five or ten percent. In an attempt to contain the price hike, some sellers have introduced a N50 per three-cake policy, trimmed the cake size and moderated the spices. But for those who have no other choice but to purchase an Awara mattress, the recent price hikes are enough to make their hearts ache.

The Awara mattress is an excellent choice for combo sleepers, because of its firmness and temperature control. Awara offers good support for heavy spots and has a latex foam and coil system that keeps your hips from sinking too far. In addition, it also features a 0% APR financing plan and free shipping within the U.S. The price is more expensive than the average bed-in-a-box sold online, but the mattress is one of the most affordable eco-friendly beds available.

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