Beautyrest Black Diamond Mattress Reviews

beautyrest black diamond mattress reviews

Depending on your personal needs, you may find the firmness level of the Beautyrest Black Diamond mattress is not what you are looking for. However, you can upgrade the mattress with the Cooling + Comfort upgrades to give yourself more support while sleeping. The Beautyrest Black Diamond offers a nice balance of support and comfort. It should support all of your body’s weight and give you the right amount of pressure relief for side sleepers.


When you are considering buying a new mattress, you may be wondering how firm it should be. Beautyrest makes two firmness levels – the standard and the Cooling + Comfort option. Which one you choose depends on your own personal preference and sleep style. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress will likely give you better spinal alignment. However, if you are a side sleeper, you may want to buy a softer model.

The Firmness of Beautyrest Black Diamond mattress is medium-firm. Its contouring foam layers provide proper support to back sleepers up to 130 pounds. The coil support base helps prevent the mattress from sinking and keeps your spine aligned. It is not recommended for back sleepers over 230 pounds. However, if you are between 130 and 230 pounds, this model may be right for you. The firmness level is medium, which is ideal for most back sleepers.

Cooling + Comfort upgrades

The Simmons Beautyrest Black has two firmness levels: medium and plush. The standard Beautyrest Black falls somewhere between medium and firm on the 1-10 firmness scale. The medium firmness is ideal for back, stomach, and average sleepers. The Cooling + Comfort upgrade adds a layer of gel memory foam to the mattress. This upgrade also gives you the pillow top feel that most people crave when they sleep.

There are two Cooling + Comfort upgrades to the Beautyrest Black diamond mattress. These upgrades change the amount of temperature regulation and pressure relief and are an additional $600. The Cooling Upgrade features RightTemp memory foam with carbon fiber. This foam is intended to regulate temperature and sleep comfortably up to 20° cooler than the original. The plush pillow top also helps reduce pressure points. The hybrid model also contains pocketed coils for durability, support, energy absorption, and motion isolation.


When considering the cost of a mattress, you may want to consider the durability of Beautyrest’s Black Diamond line. Each Beautyrest mattress comes with a ten-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and material faults. The warranty does not cover normal changes in softness over time. Moreover, it will void if the mattress is not on a proper foundation. Make sure that the foundation is firm and is not slatted.

Beautyrest has designed a series of hybrid and memory foam mattresses that feature patented BlackICE technology. This technology is infused with micro diamonds, making them cool to the touch. The T3 Pocketed Coil technology provides extra durability and gentle contouring. Beautyrest’s Cooling model also includes a cooling layer and memory foam for additional comfort. This line features the latest in memory foam and pocketed coil technology.


The price of the Beautyrest Black mattress can seem out of reach for many consumers, especially for those who are looking for an excellent mattress. The beautyrest black mattress has a medium firmness level and a cool-to-touch fabric cover. It is available in sizes ranging from Twin XL for growing children to a king-size mattress for your master bedroom. The beautyrest black mattress features four comfort layers and pocketed coil technology. The firmness level depends on the size and firmness of the mattress, as well as the weight of the person using it. Buying online may save you a bundle, and you can get the mattress at a discounted price at City Furniture.

The Beautyrest Black line is the company’s premier line, offering premium features and modern design. Its long history of manufacturing mattresses has given it a reputation for producing high-quality mattresses. However, you should consider the price before you purchase one. A Beautyrest Black mattress can be a significant investment, so shop around for the best deal. You’ll be pleased you did. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a luxurious night of sleep!