Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Review

beautyrest harmony lux carbon review

Is the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon worth the price? This mattress is very easy to set up, and I like the free white glove delivery. The reps will bring the bed to your chosen room and put it together with the foundation. The bed is fairly heavy, but it ships free and arrives in five to 14 days. I recommend that you use a delivery service. Read on for more details. After reading this Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon review, you will be well on your way to a comfortable night’s sleep.


The firmness of the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon series is medium. The mattress incorporates a Precision Support System, T2 Pocketed Coil Technology, BeautyEdge Foam Encasement, Gel Memory Foam, AirFeel Foam, and RightTemp Wave Foam. The company uses highly conductive carbon fibers to create the mattress cover, which offers additional lower-back support. The company has also added a unique fabric made from recycled ocean plastic.

The Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon series features the latest innovations in support, temperature regulation, and comfort. This includes the exclusive T2 pocketed coil technology. The T2 pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric for better motion isolation than traditional steel coils. The coils are also surrounded by a layer of high-density polyurethane foam, which prevents the mattress from collapsing.

Cooling technologies

The latest innovations in support, comfort and cooling technology are featured in the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Series. These mattresses feature exclusive, sustainable fabric technology and advanced pressure-relieving foams. The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress has the lowest heat output of any mattress on the market. Its innovative coil design reduces pressure points, while its SurfaceTouch Gel Memory Foam helps relieve pressure points. The mattress also has exclusive Cooling Technologies that are designed to control heat and humidity, resulting in a cooler sleep.

The cooling technologies featured in the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress are distributed throughout the entire mattress. They include a breathable cover, a special foam infused with cooling gels, and natural innerspring coils that are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping. Because of its generous foam layers, the Harmony Lux Carbon sleeps a bit warmer than the average mattress. Nevertheless, its lower heat gain makes it a good choice for people who have a tendency to sleep hot or side-sleep.

Pillow top

The beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Pillow Top features an additional 2″ of pillow top material. It features the Beautyrest Dynamic Response Memory Foam and Precision Support System, as well as Cool-To-Touch technology and SEAQUAL sustainable fabric. These pillow tops are made to provide the best possible support and comfort while you sleep. Compared to other pillow tops on the market, the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon offers superior support and durability.

The Harmony Lux Carbon has thick layers of comfort that deliver excellent pressure relief. It’s supportive for all body types, but it won’t sleep hot like some other hybrid mattresses. This mattress is available with a free delivery and setup, and Simmons offers a 100-night sleep trial. For this reason, we would highly recommend the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon for anyone interested in a more durable, higher-quality bed.


The beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon cost is based on its carbon footprint. The company is committed to protecting the environment, and the Harmony is no exception. Beautyrest uses recycled plastic bottles and other waste from polluted seabeds to create a premium mattress. The company uses sustainable fabric technology to ensure that the mattress is both durable and luxurious. It is the perfect choice for people who care about the health of our oceans and want to make a positive impact on the environment.

The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon is an extremely durable, high-end hybrid mattress. It offers numerous firmness levels and optional pillow tops. It sleeps cooler than the average hybrid, and has excellent pressure relief and comfort for all body types. Its thick comfort layers are comfortable for most people, but it can be too soft for some people, particularly those who sleep on their stomachs. This could make the Harmony Lux Carbon not suitable for stomach sleepers.

Tempur-Pedic comparison

If you’re on the lookout for a new bed, consider a hybrid mattress like the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon. Its thick hybrid construction and top-notch materials make it a long-lasting investment. If you’re a light sleeper, the Harmony Lux Carbon may not be the best choice, but it will last you at least a decade. If you’re heavier, however, you might want to consider the latex foam layers, which are known to be highly resilient. Some brands of latex mattresses come with lengthy warranties for their durability, making them a great choice for people who’re looking for an additional supportive layer.

While both Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest mattresses have firm edges, the Harmony Lux Carbon offers a plush feel. Its dual coil base layer is also more supportive, making it a better option for heavier people. Its reinforced edges and Tempur-CM+ foam comfort layer help isolate motion. This gives you a quiet, comfortable sleep regardless of how much you weigh.