BedStory Mattress Reviews

bedstory mattress reviews

If you’re looking for a mattress that will help you sleep better at night, you might want to check out some of the BedStory mattress reviews available online. You can find them on Amazon, and we have summarized the best reviews for you. Most of the reviews are three to five stars, with a small number of two-star and one-star reviews. If you’re interested in purchasing this mattress, you may want to know more about its OEKO-TEX certification and the quality of its foam. It also comes with a nice cover, but you may be concerned about the chemical odor.

Gel memory foam mattress

Gel memory foam bedstory mattresses are an excellent way to upgrade your bed. They are designed with two layers of gel memory foam combined with support foam. In addition to this, they are also available in a 3-layer design, which will make your bed feel like a whole new level of luxury.

This type of mattress is great for those who suffer from allergies, as it contours to the body. It also helps relieve pressure and minimizes motion transfer. In general, people who suffer from allergies should look for cooling gel memory foam mattresses, which have a hypoallergenic layer. However, this type of mattress is not for everyone.

The BedStory 12-inch memory foam mattress has a comfortable top made of plush foam. It also has a foam layer covered with a 3D knit fabric. The euro top design is designed to target pressure points on the body, creating a softer feel. In addition, the cool gel memory foam also helps regulate temperature and releases trapped heat. This feature makes it easier to sleep at night.

Gel hybrid mattress

The Gel hybrid bedstory is a 12-inch mattress with soft gel-infused memory foam and a pocket coil base. This creates a medium firmness level and has a plush euro top that supports heavier parts of the body. The cover is a three-dimensional knit fabric. The manufacturer has claimed that this hybrid bed will help relieve pressure points and provide you with the support you need.

It comes in a box and expands to its full size within 48 hours. Its gel-infused memory foam helps to regulate temperature while sleeping, so you’ll be more comfortable. The individually wrapped coils keep the mattress from sagging. This makes it perfect for front sleepers. It also has good value for the money.

The BedStory hybrid mattress is designed for hot sleepers and has an extra firmness to help regulate your temperature. The gel-infused foam top layer and coil support core are well-ventilated to provide good airflow. The mattress also comes with a moisture-wicking bamboo bed sheet set to absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate.

Lavender memory foam mattress

A Lavender memory foam bedstory mattress is designed with 2.5 inches of pure memory foam on top. Infused with lavender essential oil, it contours to the body’s curves and supports your body evenly. It supports your lower back and spine while relieving stress. In addition, lavender is an excellent stress reliever.

The cover of the Lavender memory foam bedstory mattress has a pleasant lavender smell. It also features a breathable cover that is meant to absorb moisture and breathe well. The mattress comes unboxed and is easy to set up. Its reviews indicate that it has excellent support and is very comfortable.

The lavender memory foam mattress contains a lavender essential oil, which aids in the air purification process. This calming scent provides a restful night’s sleep. In addition, the mattress has no noticeable off-gassing. Although the lavender smell is somewhat concentrated on the first day, it gradually fades. This happens because lavender mattresses are designed to release this aroma and stabilize over time.

Gel infused memory foam mattress

Gel infused memory foam mattresses have a few advantages over traditional foam mattresses. First of all, they have a higher density. The density of the foam means that the mattress stays in place during sleep. Secondly, because the gel is infused into the foam, it doesn’t like being compressed and tends to pop back into shape faster. Thirdly, gel foam isn’t as environmentally friendly as other types of foam mattresses. In addition, gel foam can have a chemical smell at first.

Gel memory foam is a type of foam that is made to mold itself to your body. It responds to your body’s temperature and relieves pressure points. In addition, gel memory foam is infused with cooling gels or beads that pull heat away from you while you sleep. In addition to providing support, gel mattresses are also very comfortable to sleep on.

One type of gel infused memory foam mattress includes a cooling fiber layer that helps regulate body temperature and promotes airflow. The Ghostbed also features a proprietary cooling foam layer called Ghost Ice. The mattress has nine layers total. The first layer is made of Tencel, a material derived from eucalyptus. It’s followed by an organic wool layer and almost 1,000 pocketed coils. Below that, there’s another layer made of air-lux and contouring foam. Finally, the base layer is made of organic canvas.

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