Big Fig Mattress Reviews

We have looked at the features and benefits of the Big Fig Mattress in this article and found that the product is a responsive mattress. Its combination of latex, high-density polyfoam, and pocketed coils provides exceptional cushion. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their mold-like ability to follow the shape of your body, but this characteristic inhibits movement and can be uncomfortable. The Big Fig mattress addresses this issue by utilizing a combination of latex, pocketed coils, and high-density polyfoam.

Large coils

The Big Fig mattress features a unique design with materials specifically designed to cater to plus-size sleepers. This design is known as “tufting,” which is marked by a small fabric button on the bottom. This feature prevents the materials from shifting, thereby allowing you to enjoy the comfort and durability of the mattress for many years to come. Traditional mattresses can shift materials and create an uneven surface over time. The tufting design helps maintain the mattress’s firmness, reducing the risk of material shifting with use.

The Big Fig mattress has three high-density polyfoam comfort layers. The first comfort layer is 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. The second comfort layer weighs 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. The support core of the mattress is made up of 1,600 individually wrapped pocketed coils. The use of pocketed coils is beneficial because they isolate motion and allow one coil to depress without affecting the rest of the mattress.

20-year warranty

The Big Fig mattress is a unique product with five layers of materials and an impressive 20-year warranty. The mattress is ideal for heavier people and even offers support for up to 1,000 pounds when used by a couple. It is also made to order so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never experience back pain or sagging again. You can also enjoy the mattress’ cooling properties with the help of ThermoGel cooling technology on the top layer and the gel-infused latex foam on the bottom layer.

The Big Fig mattress is available at a low price and ships for free. If you live in Canada, you will have to pay an extra shipping fee of $250. The mattress will be delivered to you in a box the size of the actual equipment and it will take 14-21 business days to arrive. Then, you can arrange a delivery appointment to get it at a time that suits you. If you need to return it for any reason, you can contact the company to arrange a pick-up time.

Trial period

A 120-night sleep trial with Big Fig Mattress offers the consumer a chance to try out the quality of the mattress before purchasing it. While the trial period is not long, the company offers free pickup and return of the mattress if the customer is not satisfied with the product. In addition, Big Fig also offers a 20-year limited warranty. It covers sagging, coils, and fabric, but does not cover body impressions less than an inch deep.

The Big Fig mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty and comes in a padded, vacuum-packed box. The company recommends giving the mattress two weeks to adjust to the temperature changes in the room. The manufacturer also offers a free trial period. While the mattress has a 20-year warranty, there is no risk in trying it out. Big Fig mattress reviews indicate that it is one of the most comfortable mattresses you’ve ever slept on.


If you are looking for a firm yet comfortable mattress, you should consider the Big Fig. This mattress features coils and a traditional innerspring feel, but the top layer of latex foam is soft and comfortable. This blend of foam and latex provides the mattress with a pillow-top feel. It also helps regulate body temperature by dissipating body heat. The mattress also doesn’t sink as much as traditional foam mattresses do, giving you maximum support and comfort in any sleeping position.

The responsiveness of a Big Fig mattress is a good indication of how long it will last. The mattress responds well to pressure and pops back to its original shape when you release it. It’s firm enough to help you switch positions without any trouble. Responsiveness is an early indicator of durability, as beds that respond well to pressure are less likely to develop body impressions or sag.

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