Dream Studio Mattress Reviews

dream studio mattress reviews

While dream beds are a great option for many people, not everyone finds them comfortable. If you have a smaller body or usually sleep on your side, you may want to choose a softer mattress to reduce the pressure points on your body. This may also help keep your body cool in summer. If you’re worried about off-gassing, read on for more information. In general, this mattress is very comfortable but not for everyone.

Leesa Studio mattress

In Leesa Studio mattress reviews, consumers talk about their satisfaction with the company’s latest creation. Customers love the free 100-night sleep trial, which is applicable to the first purchase of a Leesa mattress within a household. The company will pick up the mattress from the customer’s home and issue a full refund, provided the customer returns the mattress within 30 days. While it is possible to return a mattress within that time, a return fee of $100 is required in Alaska and Hawaii.

The Leesa Studio provides great support and pressure relief. Its top layer of soft memory foam offers an initial soft response that will make the sleep surface feel comfortable. It also offers support and conforming support. Overall, this mattress is a good choice for side or back sleepers. Stomach sleepers will want to avoid this bed as it may not offer adequate alignment. It is also not recommended for people who are heavier or who have back and stomach aches.

Leesa Studio mattress firmness options

When deciding between the firmness levels for your new Leesa mattress, think about what your body type is. If you’re a back sleeper, for example, you may need support for your spine and neck. The medium-firm level of the Leesa Original will help you maintain your spine alignment while offering firm support. Firmer versions of the Leesa mattress may be better for heavier back sleepers, while soft ones are more comfortable for side sleepers.

The Leesa Studio features three layers of memory foam, including a slow-responding layer that responds to your body heat. This means that a heavier person will be comfortable sinking into the top layer. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds may find that the ultra-firm layer sinks them into the mattress. For lighter sleepers, a medium or firm layer will be sufficient. The top layer is polyfoam for added comfort.

Leesa Studio mattress complaints

While the Leesa Studio is a thick 10 inch memory foam bed, it lacks the cooling foam top layer that many consumers look for in a mattress. It does, however, come with a soft quilted twill cover and a turquoise Leesa logo tag. This combination of soft materials makes this mattress a great choice for anyone who wants a mattress without a boxspring. There are no complaints about the mattress’ durability or comfort, though, as most reviewers seem to have enjoyed the experience.

A few complaints about the Leesa Studio mattress can be handled through the company’s free return policy. To initiate a return, you simply need to contact Leesa customer service and request that they pick up your mattress. Once you have returned it, Leesa will work with a local charity to receive the product and make sure it is given a proper home. After receiving the return, you should have a full refund in your hand within three to five business days.

Leesa Studio mattress off-gassing

Is the Leesa Studio mattress off-gasing? This mattress has a ‘CertiPUR-US’ certification. It comes compressed and rolled in a cardboard box. You can unpack the mattress yourself, but be prepared to experience a slight off-gassing smell once you do. The mattress is well-ventilated, and it is CertiPUR-US certified.

The off-gassing odor of the Leesa Studio mattress usually begins within a few days of unpacking. This is normal with polyfoam and memory foam mattresses. Foam releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which carry a distinctive odor. Although the Leesa Studio mattress is made of low-density foam, the layers should breathe well, and this odor will subside within three days.

Another issue is whether the Leesa Studio mattress will off-gas during the first few months of use. Some people have reported that it is OK to sleep on it for the first few months. However, others have experienced an unpleasant reaction. Some people even complained about their mattresses off-gassing after only one or two months. Luckily, this issue is easily resolved. If your Leesa Studio mattress has a short-term off-gassing problem, it is probably best to replace it with a new one.

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