Eastman House Mattress Reviews

eastman house mattress reviews

When it comes to Eastman House mattresses, you can find a wide range of firmness levels. They feature advanced pressure relief layers, reactive fibers, and center third lumbar gel panels. They also include two highly durable steel coil units that vary in firmness. One of these coil units is called the Comfor Tek, and it includes individually-wrapped coils, while the EH Coil System is an open-end coil system.

New Yorker Chelsea Euro Pillow Top

The Eastman House New Yorker Chelsea Euro Pillock Top is part of a test program developed by Consumer Reports. The test program rates different models according to several criteria. A Petite side sleeper is under 6 feet and weighs less than 200 pounds. An Average side sleeper is a middle-ground size between a small and large score. Large/Tall side sleepers are over 6 feet and weigh over two hundred pounds.

Eastman House Signature Mattress

If you’re looking for a comfortable, luxurious mattress, you’ll want to try the Eastman House Signature Mattress. With over 150 years in business, this brand is one of the oldest continuously operating mattress manufacturing businesses in the United States. With an array of mattress types and premium foams, this brand has a mattress for every budget. Its C&E line is a staple in the luxury market, and its Signature mattress is no exception.

The Eastman House brand has been manufacturing mattresses for 150 years and produces a variety of different types, including hybrid and latex-only mattresses. The company is dedicated to using sustainable materials and thoughtfully constructing their mattresses. Customers can count on their mattress to be of high quality and offer them all the support and comfort they need. Eastman House Signature Mattresses are known to be among the most comfortable mattresses available. For these reasons, many customers choose to purchase an Eastman House mattress.

The Eastman House Latex Collection offers several different models that are made with Talalay latex. The Comfort-Flex Cushion Layer is a firm cushioning material that serves as a transitional support layer between the layers. The latex-based Latex II, III, and IV feature three layers of 24 ILD Talalay latex. Each of these layers provides a comfortable sleep and is durable enough for years to come.

Layla Hybrid

In layman’s terms, the Layla Hybrid is a hybrid bed that combines a firm and a soft side. The firm side is less conforming and allows air to circulate better around the body. Many people who experience hot sleep prefer this side over the soft. However, it may inhibit movement, as the soft side is more supportive and restricts airflow. Regardless of your preferences, this hybrid bed is still comfortable and supportive.

The Layla Hybrid’s medium firmness is perfect for side sleepers who don’t weigh more than 130 pounds. The firm side offers moderate support, while the soft side conforms more to your body. It’s likely too firm for those who are heavier than 130 pounds. However, those who sleep on their backs will benefit from its contouring and supportive core. A few downsides to the hybrid include:

The Layla Hybrid features two types of foam: a layer of soft transition foam and a firm poly foam section. The poly foam section responds quickly to pressure and provides targeted relief. The firmer part of the mattress is made of pocketed coils that lift the sleeper up off the mattress’ structure. Because of this, the Layla Hybrid doesn’t sag as much as other memory foam beds.

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