EcoSleep Mattress Review

ecosleep mattress review

This EcoSleep mattress review will give you an idea of what to expect from this brand of environmentally friendly mattresses. You’ll learn about the 120-night sleep trial, medium firmness, and flippable design. You’ll also discover which features are most important to you. In addition to that, we’ll look at which features contribute to a good night’s rest. And don’t worry about breaking the bank. After all, you’ll never have to pay full price.

EcoSleep is an eco-friendly mattress

The EcoSleep is an environmentally friendly mattress that is also a comfortable choice. With its unique, breathable design, the mattress promotes airflow and dries quickly. It also features natural latex and a wool cover for added breathability. The EcoSleep is priced competitively to rival other mattresses in its price range, and shipping is free to the lower 48 United States. It’s also available in Canada and Hawaii.

The firmness level of the EcoSleep depends on the weight and shape of the person sleeping on it. The mattress may be too soft for a lightweight stomach sleeper, but a heavier back sleeper may be comfortable on the medium side. In addition, a heavier side sleeper may find the firm side too firm. If this is the case, a dedicated side sleeper may want to look for a different mattress.

It offers a 120-night sleep trial

The Ecosleep mattress offers a 100-percent money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with its quality. The company’s warranty, which is the industry’s most comprehensive, covers the material and workmanship of the mattress. The company also offers a 120-night sleep trial to ensure that the mattress will work well for your specific sleeping needs. You can also try the mattress for 120 days for free within the contiguous United States. The company also ships to Alaska and Hawaii.

The EcoSleep mattress is available in six standard sizes, and it offers a 120-night sleep trial. After the break-in period, you can return it for a full refund. The manufacturer will pay for the shipping and returns, and it also asks you to donate your old mattress to a local charity. A similar mattress, the My Green Mattress Natural Escape, comes in a reversible, premium latex mix. It is also made with moisture-wicking wool and a pocket-coil structure.

It has a medium firmness

The EcoSleep mattress has a medium firm feel on one side and a medium-firm feel on the other. The soft side is approximately 5.5 out of a ten-point scale, and the firm side is closer to an eight out of ten. While this difference in firmness isn’t significant, heavyweight sleepers should consider the firm side if they are heavier than 300 pounds.

The firm side of the EcoSleep mattress is best for average and heavyweight combination sleepers. A lightweight combination sleeper may find the mattress too firm. EcoSleep uses organic cotton, Joma wool, and natural latex for its construction. It also costs less than other latex hybrids. This makes it appealing to eco-conscious consumers on a budget. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for allergy-prone people.

It has a flippable design

The Ecosleep hybrid mattress features latex-covered pockets and a plush top cover. The mattress’s latex-based top layer provides support for your body while allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably. The mattress’ 961 individually-encased coils allow you to choose between a medium-firm or a firmer feel. The Brooklyn Bedding company makes two models: one hybrid and one firm.

The Luxe Hybrid model of the EcoSleep features a latex-coil core with a flippable design. The Luxe Hybrid model’s three-inch layer of soft natural latex foam can be flipped to adjust to your comfort needs. Its firm side is ideal for back and stomach sleepers alike. The hybrid design makes it easy to move the mattress to accommodate a variety of sleeping positions, whether you prefer side or stomach-sleeping.

It has a small amount of motion transfer

The EcoSleep mattress has a moderate amount of motion transfer compared to other hybrid mattresses, but its bouncy latex layer helps the bed retain its bounce, reducing the effect of motion transfer. The latex layer also provides moderate pressure relief, and the pocketed innerspring coils in the support core offer additional cushioning. Despite the low-motion transfer rating, the EcoSleep mattress is an excellent buy for people who want a comfortable bed that does not cost too much.

The EcoSleep mattress has a small amount if motion transfer. It is not recommended for people who have sensitive sleeping partners, since it is not very responsive and does not respond to movement. However, it is perfect for couples who aren’t too sensitive to partner disturbances. This mattress is also not ideal for light sleepers, people with different sleep schedules, or those who need minimal motion transfer.

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