Eight Sleep Cover Review – Is it Worth the Money?

eight sleep cover review

When it comes to selecting a good bed cover, the Eight Sleep is an excellent option. We’ll cover its Dual-zone design, Intelligent SmartTemp AI, Comfort layer, cost, and more. We’ll also discuss which features make this cover so comfortable. Let’s get started. You may be wondering if it’s worth the money. But if you’re like most people, there’s no reason not to try one before you decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Dual-zone design

The Dual-zone design of the Eight Sleep cover allows for temperature control of two separate zones. For more extreme temperatures, the cover will separate the two zones, and will also provide moisture management. Eight Sleep has used its own proprietary technology to figure out the ideal temperature for each zone, allowing it to keep you cooler or warmer than the other. Depending on which temperature you prefer, you can set the Eight Sleep cover to adjust to this.

In addition to its dual-zone design, the Eight Sleep cover has temperature-control technology. With the eight sleep app, you can adjust the temperature of the cover to your own preference. This mattress pad can also monitor your sleep quality and provide data on its use. The Eight Sleep Pod is the perfect option for techies who are unsure of how to sleep. You can customize the temperature and humidity of the cover by using the Eight Sleep app, which helps you adjust the temperature at bedtime.

Intelligent SmartTemp AI

The Intelligent SmartTemp AI sleep cover uses algorithms to predict your exact body temperature. This technology is powered by over one and a half terabytes of data, which the cover analyzes to ensure the ideal temperature for your bed and mattress. Its temperature controls range from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is ideal for the summer months when you need to cool down a little. This smart cover can also adjust itself to match the temperature of your room.

Intelligent SmartTemp AI is the key to Eight Sleep’s signature Pod mattress. It works by monitoring your sleep habits and sending signals to the water-powered hub that automatically cools or heats the Active Grid cooling technology layer based on your temperature preference. Unlike other sleep covers that are based on manual readings, the Intelligent SmartTemp AI is unique in its ability to track your sleeping habits. It even wakes you up gently with gentle chest-level vibrations to wake you up.

Comfort layer

The top comfort layer of the Eight Sleep is known as the Active Grid. It features channels for water to flow and one-inch foam for extra softness. It connects to the Eight Sleep Hub, the mattress’ main computer system and pump. You can customize the temperature of the Active Grid to your specific needs. If you’re hot or cold, the cover will automatically regulate the temperature for you. If you prefer to sleep at a warmer or cooler temperature, you can unzip and wash the cover, too.

The eight sleep cover fits easily over the bed. It also zips into the Eight Sleep Hub, which looks like a computer modem. Once it’s placed on the bed, the app will take you through the process of connecting to WiFi, filling the Hub with water, and setting your preferred temperature. You’ll then have to leave the bed for 90 minutes to let the Eight Sleep cover do its magic. You’ll be ready to go to sleep in no time!


You might be wondering how much the Eight Sleep cover costs. Well, that depends on how much you want to spend. The cover costs about $1695 USD. It’s available for purchase in the UK for about the same price, which will be deducted from the currency conversion rate. Eight Sleep offers financing up to 0% for qualified buyers. They also offer a six percent discount for military personnel. So, what are you waiting for? Try an Eight Sleep mattress and get a cover today.

The Pod Pro Cover creates a customized microclimate for your sleep environment using health-grade sensors. This device responds to changes in environment values and your feedback history. It guides you towards a better sleep by adjusting the temperature. The Eight Sleep products are said to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and have fewer midnight wake ups. Their smart technology helps you sleep longer, too, with 20% less tosses and turns, and more consistent and quality sleep.

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