Freedom Mattress Review – Four-Layer Memory Foam, Innerspring, and Gel Flecks

freedom mattress review

In this Freedom Mattress review, we’ll take a look at the benefits of four-layer mattresses and Gel flecks. But how can you tell which is the best mattress for your specific needs? Read on to learn more. This mattress is made of four layers: Memory foam, Gel flecks, Innerspring, and a top layer of Four-Layer Gel Foam. And we’ll talk about what the company claims is the most comfortable mattress ever.

Four-layer mattress

The four-layer design of the Freedom is both comfortable and supportive. Its memory foam top layer and copper bracelets provide excellent underlying support. The copper infused memory foam helps reduce pressure points and encourages airflow through the bed. The coils provide ample support for your hips and lower body, while the high-density poly base foam provides adequate bounce for your bed. All four layers of the mattress combine for a highly supportive sleep experience.

A mattress’ density is crucial for predicting its durability and support. For a mattress of this type, a density of three to three and a half pounds per cubic foot should be sufficient. For people over 200 pounds, a higher density of memory foam (4 to five pounds per cubic foot) might provide better long-term support and comfort. But the price of a higher-density memory foam is prohibitive for most consumers.

Memory foam

In this memory foam freedom mattress review, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of this bed. The memory foam top layer provides pressure relief without aggressively pulling the user. The underlying support comes from springs that add a mellow bounce. In general, this is a good bed for people that weigh between 125 and 200 pounds. Weighing over 200 pounds can make this bed sag and develop deep indentations.

The Medium Hybrid is ideal for side and back sleepers and those who like a firmer mattress. It is also good for people who weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. This mattress is medium-firm, with the memory foam top conforming to the body. A layer of springs helps you move around, but it doesn’t provide much bounce. The overall feel of the mattress is medium-firm. Memory foam layers are a good way to help support your body and alleviate pressure.

Gel flecks

The foam on the Freedom Sleep bed does not have a good reputation for cooling. People who sleep hot may not be a good fit for this type of mattress. The gel flecks in the Freedom Sleep bed add cooling benefits without removing the memory foam layer at the top of the mattress. The gel flecks in the Freedom Sleep mattress are made of two types of foam: the one used for the top layer is the memory foam and the other one is the gel flecks.

The Symbol Freedom collection contains five models of memory foam mattresses. All of these mattresses are made of memory foam, but three of them are blended with latex and gel for additional comfort. These mattresses are available in eight, 11 and 13-inch heights. Symbol’s 10-year warranty covers all of the Freedom collection’s foams. Some retailers may have last year’s models in stock, so check carefully before making a purchase.


Our innerspring freedom mattress review will take a look at the design and construction of this hybrid innerspring mattress. Its dual comfort layer provides targeted pressure point relief while maintaining a comfortable airflow. Its quilted foam top and durable coil base offer exceptional edge support. We also like the comfort layer’s dual support system and high-density foam encasement. The innerspring freedom mattress is a good choice for sleepers who need a high-quality mattress with superior edge support.

As we said in the introduction, an innerspring mattress has endless potential for restful sleep. Its traditional coils are reinforced with high-density quilt foam for added comfort. The mattress will arrive in a box, which will make the set-up process even faster. Once you remove the plastic wrap, you can start unrolling it. A few simple steps will help you set up the mattress quickly. We recommend that you follow these instructions carefully, to ensure that your mattress will fit your needs perfectly.

Innerspring mattress

This innerspring freedom mattress review will provide you with a thorough overview of the features and benefits of this model. A typical innerspring bed is made with at least one layer of spring metal coils, which provide excellent bounce and edge support. They are also generally good at insulating the body from extreme heat and are quite heavy. The downside to an innerspring mattress is its inability to contour to the body and its bulk, so consider the pros and cons before purchasing.

For an innerspring mattress, the possibilities are endless. Its unique design combines high-density quilt foam with traditional coils for firmness. It is delivered to you in a box and setup is quick and easy. Once you remove the plastic wrapping, unroll the innerspring mattress and enjoy a night of restful sleep. While there are a few minor flaws to be aware of, this mattress is a great choice for your next mattress.

Dual comfort layer

The dual comfort layer of the Freedom 11 innerspring mattress provides targeted pressure point relief as well as enhanced airflow. Its quilted foam top and base of durable coils provide exceptional edge support. It also features a durable foam encasement for extra comfort. However, a sagging mattress is not a deal breaker. Depending on your needs, you may not be able to find a mattress that will offer you a perfect night’s sleep.

Despite the fact that the Freedom Sleep mattress features a 1.7-inch layer of memory foam, it doesn’t have the recognizable “memory foam” feel. While it doesn’t respond as fast as a standard innerspring mattress, it is much faster than one with slower-responding memory foam. Nonetheless, this layer might not be enough for people who sleep hot. So, we recommend that you read the full Freedom Sleep review to determine whether the mattress is right for you.

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