Helix Moonlight Review – Firmness, Support, and Price

We have a Helix Moonlight review to tell you more about this mattress. In this article, we’ll discuss the firmness, support, and price of this mattress. Read on to learn more! Also, read our review of the Helix Moonlight Mattress Topper. If you’re interested in purchasing a new mattress, check out our Helix Moonlight review! Listed below are our recommendations for the perfect mattress!


There is a slight difference between the firmness of the Helix Moonlight and the Luxe, two hybrid mattresses from Helix. The Moonlight is soft and cradling, making moving difficult, while the Helix Dawn provides firm pushback against your body weight. Both mattresses utilize coil cores for springiness and bounce. The degree of conforming can either help you or hinder you during sex. The Luxe offers slightly more motion isolation than the Moonlight.

The Helix Moonlight offers moderate firmness, making it great for side sleepers and those who prefer to be more squishy and cradled. It also has a soft feel, making it a good choice for back sleepers who prefer a more supportive bed. If you are a heavier stomach sleeper, you may find the Twilight too firm. For lighter stomach sleepers, the Helix Moonlight is the perfect choice.


If you’re searching for a mattress that is equally supportive for back and side sleepers, the Helix Moonlight is an excellent option. Its hybrid design promotes airflow and has supportive foam comfort layers to provide the best support for both back and side sleepers. The Helix Moonlight is rated a two or three out of 10 by customers. Support for Helix Moonlight varies based on individual preference.

The Helix Moonlight is one of many mattresses available from Helix. It has a latex-like poly foam top layer and a pocketed coil support system. This combination creates a cool sleeping surface. It does not contain memory foam, which is notorious for storing body heat. The Helix Moonlight also does not feature active cooling, which helps it maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. A firmer mattress is required to reduce heat buildup, but the Moonlight is not as hot as a traditional memory foam.

Mattress topper

A Helix Moonlight mattress topper is one of the softer mattresses available, and the company is aiming to make it as comfortable as possible for back sleepers. The Moonlight mattress is designed for back sleepers, but its firmness level depends on your body weight and sleep style. In this review, we’ll talk about the features of the Moonlight mattress and the benefits of this mattress topper. The comfort layer is bouncy and soft, and contours to your lower back and shoulders. The firmer Helix models will be a better match for heavier back sleepers, such as the Helix Plus mattress.

When it comes to warranty and shipping, the Helix Moonlight mattress topper offers similar warranties and trial periods as other Helix mattresses. The mattress comes in a box the size of a golf bag, and you unroll it once you’ve received it. There’s no need to worry about damages or shipping costs, because this mattress topper is made to last. It is also covered by a 10-year warranty.


The Helix Moonlight is one of three different models. While the Dawn and Dusk models are firmer than the Moonlight, they offer the same amount of support and comfort for the back, stomach, and side sleepers. As a bonus, the Moonlight also comes with a sleep quiz that will help you determine if the mattress is right for you. Aside from the sleep quiz, this mattress also offers three different types of support.

The Helix Moonlight is available in two different sizes, standard and luxe. Each one is designed for a different sleeper, so it is important to know what you want. The price of the Luxe model is a bit higher than the standard model, but the quality is worth the price. The Moonlight is also ideal for side sleepers because of its super-soft comfort. The standard model costs $3000, while the luxe model costs $4,000.

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