Idle Mattress Reviews – Idle Hybrid, Idle Memory Foam, and the Idle Gel Plush

idle mattress reviews

In this Idle mattress review, we’ll look at the premium Talalay latex hybrid, the Idle Hybrid, and the Idle Memory Foam. We’ll also touch on the Idle Gel Plush. Which one is right for you? We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Idle Gel Plush mattress

The Idle Gel Plush mattress is a luxurious gel memory foam bed that is available at an affordable price. The mattress uses a more dense layer of memory foam than most other mattresses and comes with a lifetime warranty. Depending on your weight, use, and care, this mattress should last for about 10 years. Gel foam mattresses will usually last about six to seven years.

The Idle Gel Plush mattress comes with a five-inch layer of foam to give the mattress added comfort. This foam layer helps relieve pressure points by keeping the hips off the mattress. The five-inch layer of foam makes this mattress a good option for side sleepers. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you should consider a firmer mattress.

Idle Hybrid mattress

If you are looking for a new mattress, consider the Idle hybrid. It comes with an 18-month sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. It is reasonably priced at $1299 for a Queen. It also has a money-back guarantee. And because it is a hybrid, you’ll have the comfort of a hybrid mattress without breaking the bank.

The IDLE hybrid mattress is made of durable materials, including latex. The company uses chemical-free, natural latex. This will make the mattress last much longer than memory foam. It is heavier than most foam mattresses, so make sure to arrange for white glove delivery and have two strong people help set it up.

Idle’s premium Talalay latex hybrid mattress

The Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid mattress has a long-lasting quality. Unlike foam mattresses, latex mattresses can last for up to 25 years if properly maintained. This product has a 365-night trial, lifetime warranty, and is made by a veteran in the e-commerce industry.

Idle uses a combination of Talalay and quilting foam to create a plush surface. The Talalay latex is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and highly breathable. The mattress also has a 6-inch Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coil core that delivers world-class support. This combination provides a luxurious sleep surface and prevents the rolling off-the-bed feeling.

Idle’s memory foam

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, Idle may seem like a good option. It offers a variety of materials and features, including 6 layers of structural foam and a washable cover. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty and a risk-free 18-month sleep trial. However, this mattress is only medium-firm, so it’s probably not the best choice for people who sleep on their sides.

The Idle Mattress is made with CertiPUR-US(r) certified foams. Its 12″ Idle Gel Foam features a removable, temperature-regulating cover, beneath a fire-resistant barrier. The total comfort layer is 5 inches, and the top layer features 3 inches of gel-infused Cooling Buoyancy foam. For additional comfort, the company offers a 14-inch Idle Gel Plush mattress that comes with a removable, washable cover, and a protective ICE FABRIC(tm).

Idle’s cooling buoyancy foam

Cooling buoyancy foam is a great way to reduce pressure points in a mattress. It reacts faster than memory foam, and the quilted top layer gives the mattress a plush cloud-like feel. The mattress also has 6” Quantum Edge-to-To Pocketed Coils for excellent edge support. The Idle mattress is a double-sided foam mattress, with the first three layers on the bottom and the second three layers on top.

The gel-infused Buoyancy foam used in Idle mattresses provides cooling comfort to your body. Both types of Idle mattresses are breathable, and many feature different technologies to keep you cool. The firmness of each mattress can be adjusted to fit your body type and preference.

Idle’s pocketed coils

The Idle Hybrid mattress is a hybrid mattress that has pocketed coils and a latex top layer. It has a total comfort layer of six inches, plus an additional one inch of cool buoyancy foam quilted into the cover. It also has a high-density foam base and a 4″-thick layer of IDLE memory foam sandwiched between two layers of latex. This hybrid mattress also has a flippable cover that is made from temperature-regulating Thermocool fabric.

The Idle Mattress features pocketed coils throughout its construction, and these coils are responsible for the buoyant feel of the mattress. These coils are supported by the foam layers on top, which provide contouring and a snug hug for the body.

Idle’s hybrid mattress

If you’re looking for an excellent bed that offers a good balance between comfort and support, you should check out the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress. This hybrid mattress features coils to provide support while sleeping. However, the springs can create some shaking and noise during the night, so you should be aware of this potential problem. Another advantage of the hybrid coil/foam construction is that off-gassing is minimized. This can be an issue with all-foam mattresses, especially when they are compressed.

The firmness of the Idle Hybrid mattress can vary depending on how much you weigh. The medium option is perfect for light sleepers, while the firmer version is best for heavier sleepers. If you’re unsure of which firmness level you need, make sure to check out Idle’s hybrid mattress reviews to find out what kind of support it offers.

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