Intex Bestway Air Bed Review

bestway air bed review

When it comes to the Bestway air bed, memory foam is an excellent material for your bed. You can get firm, medium, or plush models, and they support up to 450 lbs of weight, more than enough for two adults. The construction is also heavy-duty PVC, but it lacks a second silent pump. In general, this mattress is quite comfortable, but there are a few features to look for in a model.


An air mattress is a kind of bed without the frame and is perfect for traveling. It holds more than 600 pounds and can be easily inflated using an electric pump. This product is compatible with both electric and manual pumps. It has an external pump and an internal electric pump. Upon deflation, the secondary pump automatically kicks in to keep the air bed aired up. It can maintain a firm, medium, or plush setting.

There are several types of air mattresses to choose from, including queen and twin. Each one has adjustable settings and a built-in pillow. They are portable and feature a convenient handbag that makes them easy to carry. You can also use the manual pump to add air to the bed. Several users also noted that these air beds provide good support. But which one is best for you? Read on to find out more!

Brookstone Innovations

If you’re searching for a comfortable air bed, you’ve likely come across the Brookstone Innovations Bestway. It features an internal pump with a built-in storage port and a pump that fully inflates in just two minutes. It is also designed to stay fully inflated while you sleep, so you can easily deflate it to use as an extra bedroom when you need to.

There are many benefits of air beds. Some are incredibly comfortable, and have adjustable firmness for a personalized fit. Most are also easy to inflate and deflate, with built-in pumps. Some models are more expensive than others, but most people are satisfied with the quality, comfort, and ease of use. Brookstone Innovations Bestway air bed review gives you a full rundown of the Brookstone Perfect Air Bed.


This Intex Bestway air bed review focuses on the features of this popular mattress. The best way to describe the design of this air bed is its dual-layer comfort top, which makes it conducive to relaxing and rejuvenation. Its design also includes horizontal beams that form a supportive and stable frame. Its fiber-tech interior construction offers extra firmness and durability. One downside of this air bed is that it leaks. The best way to deal with leaks is to re-inflate the air mattress.

The design of the Intex Bestway is impressive. The mattress is approximately 80 x 60 inches and is capable of supporting 600 pounds of weight. It has flocked sides to prevent scuffs and punctures. This mattress is also made of durable PVC, which is tough to tear or puncture. However, the customer service of Intex is not very good. It may not be available in all areas of the country.

Intex EZ-Bed

When it comes to air beds, Intex is a leading brand in the industry. While they do not offer as much customer support as other brands, they make up for it by offering inexpensive products with features typically found only on more expensive models. Intex EZ-Beds are great for temporary sleeping solutions and are designed to fit any bedroom. Intex’s air beds are a true queen-sized bed, measuring 60″x80″x9″. The mattress is also easy to clean with water and mild soap.

Intex makes air mattresses that feature Fiber-Tech interior construction technology. This material boasts high-strength polyester fibers. This technology perfectly blends comfort and durability. If you plan to use the air bed outdoors, be sure to select one that is lightweight and easy to pack. Smaller, lighter air mattresses are better for backpacking or portability. The Intex EZ-Bed is one of the best air mattresses available.


The Bestway air mattress is a premium queen-sized option that features a flocked sleeping surface, a built-in pillow, and a 120-volt electric pump. This air mattress inflates in just 240 seconds and is built to last. A travel bag is included for convenience and protection. Unlike cheaper air beds, Bestway air mattresses do not use a battery or require regular maintenance. However, consumers should check the company’s warranty information before purchasing one.

Aside from its excellent durability, the Bestway air mattress also features two pumps to prevent it from sagging. The first pump automatically inflates and deflates the mattress. Once the mattress is full, the second pump is automatically turned on to regulate air pressure. The bed’s circular coils give it a more realistic feel and its flocked finish prevents plastic from showing through sheets. Despite its flocked finish, it is hard to imagine a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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