Kingsdown Mattresses – The Coolest Mattress in the World Reviews

kingsdown coolest mattress in the world reviews

When it comes to comfort, Kingsdown mattresses are the king. The cooling system, innerspring coils, and full-body surround edge support system make them the best. The Cool Wave mattress is another contender. The Courtney Plush Hybrid mattress also features a full-body surround edge support system and a cool wave mattress.

Cool Wave mattress

The Cool Wave mattress is an innovative, luxury mattress that delivers individualized body contouring support in every sleeping position. Its lavish layers of temperature-regulating foams and award-winning performance fabric make it an unparalleled mattress. Its dual-layered design provides maximum comfort and breathability. With a lifetime warranty, the Cool Wave mattress is an excellent choice for any bedroom.

This mattress offers temperature-regulating foam and a patented core support system. Its specialized foam construction and three zone support system allow for targeted support in the lumbar area. Its breathable foam core and tri-tech gel lumbar support provide maximum support for your spine, helping you sleep cooler and more comfortable.

OptiCoil innerspring coils

Kingsdown mattresses feature OptiCoil innerspring coils, which are a new technology that makes them more responsive to motion. These coils are used in the support core of the mattress. They also provide a cooler sleep by generating a consistent flow of air through the core. They are more expensive than their lower-priced counterparts, but they do come with premium features.

This cooling mattress is designed with two coil layers. The bottom layer is four or seven inches thick and has 13-gauge steel bonnell coils that offer reliable core support and meaningful edge support. The second layer features microcoils that are individually wrapped to offer customized compression for your weight. This mattress also has a polyfoam pillow-top and a memory foam lumbar pad. The overall construction is topped off with a soft organic cotton cover.

Full Body Surround Edge Support System

The Kingsdown Full Body Surround Edge Support System is a special mattress designed to provide edge-to-edge support for your entire body. Its individually wrapped 8″ microcoils provide delicate contouring, while its Full Body Surround Edge Support System reinforces the mattress’ edges for added support.

This edge-to-edge support system uses high-density foam to provide a comfortable edge-to-edge sleeping surface. The frame is precision milled by Amish craftsmen in Port Treverton, PA. Its unique design provides the perfect sleeping surface for both you and your partner.

Courtney Plush Hybrid mattress

The Kingsdown Courtney Plush Hybrid Mattress is a premium quality hybrid bed that features heavy gauge steel innerspring support, as well as high-performance comfort features. The mattress features a multi-level 1700+ piece coil system (Q), a nine wrapped coil unit, and layers of contouring foam for maximum comfort.

Its multi-level 1500-piece coil system is wrapped with a Damask cover that provides cooling comfort. The addition of latex to this mattress helps regulate temperature and provides natural bounce. Its 15-gauge individually wrapped coils are also a great feature for motion isolation.

This mattress is also known for its premium durability and comfort. Its premium materials and construction ensure long-term comfort for any sleeper. This mattress is available in two sizes. The king-sized version is a firm option, and the queen-sized version is a combination of both. The firmer version is more expensive, but you can save money by ordering one at a discounted price.

Silent Partner Fontaine

The Kingsdown Silent Partner Fontaine is one of the most popular types of kingsdown mattresses. It is a hybrid mattress that contains pocket coils and memory foam. It is available in both a standard and luxury model. It has two layers of 4.5 inches of coils. These coils are individually wrapped to prevent motion transfer and offer firmness and stability. The overall height of the mattress is 13.5 inches.

The Silent Partner Fontaine is a firm mattress that comes in one firmness. Unlike traditional mattresses, it doesn’t come in a box. Instead, it is made of three layers of foam and spring. It also contains a 1-inch pillow-top that helps shape the mattress visually and make it more comfortable. The third layer is made of memory foam.

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