Level Sleep Review – Should You Buy This Mattress?

level sleep reviews

In this Level Sleep review, we’ll cover the features of this mattress, including TriSupport and CertiPUR-US certified foam. What are the company’s policies on customer reviews and feedback? Is a money-back guarantee valid? How long is the limited warranty? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this mattress? Let’s get started! Hopefully this Level Sleep review will help you decide! But if you’re not sure, read on!


This mattress was designed for side or back sleepers. Its TriSupport zoned support foam provides pressure relief. It also has separate sections for cradling or extra firmness. This mattress also features a generous amount of memory foam. This mattress is available in a variety of firmness levels to suit varying body types. Ultimately, it should give you a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

The Level Sleep has several design features to help relieve pressure. The first layer is a 3” polyfoam that responds quickly to pressure. The foam also has little holes throughout to allow air to flow. The three zones of the Level Sleep mattress prevent the mattress from sinking too much. The mattress is relatively expensive, and one queen model costs around $1,000. A TriSupport level sleep review will provide you with a more realistic idea of how well the mattress can support your back while you sleep.

CertiPUR-US certified foam

To find out more about foam safety, read these level sleep reviews. These reviews will help you make an informed decision about which foam to buy for your mattress. The CertiPUR-US certification program was established in 2008 in response to concerns about foams imported from other countries that contained chemicals banned in the United States. Using independent laboratories, these foams meet strict standards to ensure safety and comfort.

The process of CertiPUR-US certification includes testing the foam for emissions, indoor air quality, metals, and other materials. Foams must undergo 72-hour conditioning to determine their emissions. The foams that pass this testing are free of these harmful chemicals. Those with CertiPUR-US certifications are safer for your health than those without. Choosing a foam that meets the standard is the safest way to ensure a healthy night’s sleep.

110-night money-back guarantee

The 110-night money-back guarantee on the Level Sleep mattress is a big selling point, but is it real? It is not the only reason to try this mattress, but it is a great addition to the mattress market. Its design helps keep your spine aligned, and it is soft to the touch. Although it is pricier than many competitors, the mattress’s lumbar support may be worth the extra cost.

The Level Sleep mattress is a comfortable choice with a fabric cover that allows air to circulate. The Performance Layer is made with Talalay Blended Latex from Talalay Global, which resists compression better than Dunlop-process latex. Talalay latex also resists loss of firmness over time, which is good news for those with latex allergies. It also has a springier feel than other types of foam.

11-year limited warranty

If you are not completely satisfied with your Level Sleep mattress, you can send it back for a replacement or repair. Level Sleep will cover the shipping costs for both replacement and repair. If you have a defect in your Level Sleep mattress, Level Sleep will replace it for free, and will waive the $50 shipping fee. However, you must be sure to place your mattress on a firm, solid surface, like a bed base.

The warranty covers defects for a period of up to ten years, but after that, prorated coverage begins. In year 11, you’ll pay 50% of the cost of repairs, and then you’ll pay 5% more every year. However, you should be aware of hidden costs like shipping and inspection fees. Even if you purchase a Level Sleep mattress with a limited warranty, chances are you’ll need to replace it sooner than you think. Most mattresses need replacement before they reach the 10-year mark. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Compatibility with most bed frames

One of the best things about Level Sleep is its ability to isolate motion well. Since it is all-foam, the mattress is designed to dampen any movement. Light sleepers won’t experience any jolts in the night, even if their partner does. The edge support of Level Sleep is a major plus for many consumers, especially those who experience back pain. The firmness of the foam helps you sleep comfortably on all four sides of the bed.

Many adjustable bed frames come with mattresses that work with most brands. However, some manufacturers recommend using their own proprietary frames. Innerspring mattresses are often too rigid for adjustable frames, so they are not a good choice. Other types of mattresses may work better with adjustable bed frames, including hybrid, foam, latex, and latex mattresses. These mattresses are designed to be more versatile, which can help you get the most out of your adjustable bed.

Side sleepers’ experience

The advantages of side sleeping outweigh any possible health hazards. If you’re considering switching over to side sleeping, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. Side sleepers have fewer problems with sleep apnea, less back and neck pain, and reduced risks of developing certain neurological diseases. In addition, pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their left side during their last trimester, as it improves circulation and prevents their uterus from pressing against their liver. Lastly, side sleepers can get relief from acid reflux.

Side sleepers tend to have trouble with where they put their arms. Oftentimes, they wake up with numb fingers and hands. To avoid this, side sleepers should avoid arm positions that cut off blood circulation. Body pillows can also support their top arm. If you find that your arms become sore during the night, consider purchasing a body pillow to help alleviate this problem. But do not worry, there are plenty of ways to prevent side sleepers’ shoulder pain.

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