Lull Mattress Reviews

lull mattress reviews

The lull mattress is a combination foam and memory foam mattress. This mattress claims to isolate motion and help you sleep soundly. In addition to foam, it contains gel infused memory foam. However, this hybrid mattress is not ideal for everyone. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing. You should also know your sleeping style. If you often move around at night, you should choose a mattress that will not transfer motion to your partner.

lull mattress is a foam mattress

The Lull mattress is an all-foam model that is ideal for both back and stomach sleepers. It offers a good value and a firmer feel than the average foam mattress. The company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee and free pickup and delivery. Unlike many foam mattresses, the Lull mattress does not need to be flipped or inflated to adjust itself. The mattress is also designed to be self-adjusting, which means that you can adjust its firmness to suit your body shape and sleeping position.

The Lull mattress has three layers that are designed to offer therapeutic support and proper spinal alignment. Its first layer has gel polymer injections and its second layer is composed of proprietary high-resilience foam that provides cooling comfort. The two layers work together to give a great night’s sleep and promote proper alignment. This mattress is especially recommended for back sleepers. However, it is not recommended for side sleepers.

it’s a combination mattress

If you’re tired of a lumpy, uncomfortable combination mattress, the Lull may be for you. Lull was founded by Sven Klein in 2015. They use the latest sleep sciences and offer white glove delivery. The company also offers a 100-night trial period and a hassle-free return policy. They also sell a combination foam mattress. The Lull mattress weighs 45 to 100 pounds, which makes it a little heavier than a traditional mattress.

This mattress is ideal for side sleepers. The memory foam layers are balanced and respond quickly to movements, so light sleepers can sink into the Lull without feeling uncomfortable. For heavier people, however, the mattress may be too firm and interfere with side sleepers’ motion. Some buyers reported that a slight off-gassing smell arose during the first night of use. The mattress is also manufactured in the United States, but the company states that the production facility is located in China.

it’s a memory foam mattress

The Lull mattress claims to be a premium memory foam mattress with three distinct layers of material, including a 7-inch polyurethane foam foundation, a 1.5-inch gel-infused memory-foam center layer, and a 7-inch high-density pocketed coil system. It is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that its materials are free of toxic chemicals. The three layers of memory foam in the Lull mattress allow you to shift positions comfortably, and the mattress is durable.

The Lull mattress is compressed before shipping, and it takes up to an hour for it to regain its original shape. If you’re not a fan of memory foam, you can try it out for 100 nights at no charge, as long as you contact Lull customer service. The company offers free returns within 100 days, and customer service will arrange pickup at no cost to you. However, it is best to allow at least 30 days to adjust to a new mattress before purchasing it.

it has gel-infused memory foam

The top layer of Lull’s memory foam is 1.5 inches thick, which is designed to provide good lumbar and neck support, along with proper sinkage and pressure relief. It also contains Gel beads that regulate temperature and reduce heat retention. Lastly, it is made of Breathable Fibers that let air flow through the mattress. Overall, the Lull is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a memory foam mattress with enhanced durability.

The gel memory foam layer is especially helpful for side sleepers, as it helps keep the hips and shoulders from sinking too far. For those who are heavier than average or frequently sleep on their side, the gel memory foam layer can also help with pressure relief. Side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds may have trouble getting the most pressure relief from the gel memory foam layer, because they press right through the thinner comfort layer and base layer. The gel infusion also prevents the top layer from getting too hot, as memory foam is notorious for retaining heat.

it’s a good choice for back sleepers

The Lull mattress has a layer of 1.5″ viscoelastic memory foam that responds slowly to your weight and position. This material also prevents your body from sinking in the middle of the mattress. The company hasn’t released the density of the foams, but the memory foam is great for easing pressure points. It also offers a cooling experience thanks to the addition of gel.

The Lull mattress also scored well in pressure-relieving tests. This mattress cradles sensitive body parts and supports them properly. The Lull mattress also has a cool-gel-infused top layer. The firmness level of this bed will help back sleepers avoid feeling a sinking sensation near their hips. Some back sleepers might experience more sinkage in the middle, but overall, the mattress is great for back and side sleepers.

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