Nature’s Sleep Mattress Reviews

natureamp39s sleep mattress reviews

If you are looking for a top-quality mattress, you can’t go wrong with a Nature’s Sleep mattress. These beds use the latest technology to offer a plush feel, while their supportive core provides excellent support for your back and lumbar system. They have an impressive depth of 12 inches and are perfect for those who are suffering from back pain.

Topaz mattress

Nature's sleep makes some great mattresses. The Topaz is an excellent model with a medium feel that is great for all sleeping positions. Its 2 inches of gel memory foam evenly distributes weight while reducing pressure points. It also has adequate contouring for back pain sufferers, and is made of a soft, yet durable cotton-velour blend.

The firmness of the mattress starts out fairly firm, around 7.5 out of 10. However, after about 10-15 seconds of use, the mattress starts to adjust to the contour of your body. Once this happens, the mattress is around a six-out-of-10 firmness, making it perfect for any sleeping position.

Another model in the Nature's sleep line is the Emerald gel memory foam model. This model is perfect for stomach sleepers because of its construction and layering of varying foams. It also helps reduce pressure on the breathing and internal organs during sleep. This model is also a finalist for the INC magazine’s 2015 Best in Class Design award contest.

Nature’s Sleep has 6 all-foam mattress models. Each one is designed for a different sleeping position, firmness preference, and budget. The Emerald mattress, for instance, is ideal for stomach sleepers, thanks to its elevator effect. Its high-density foam base ensures proper spinal alignment, and the cover is both breathable and cool.

Emerald mattress

There are several reasons to choose Nature's sleep mattresses for your bedroom. The Emerald gel memory foam mattress, for instance, is designed for stomach sleepers. This mattress’ design and layering of foams help relieve pressure on internal organs and improves breathing. It is also a finalist for INC magazine’s 2015 Best in Class Design Award.

The Opal model is a medium firm mattress that suits a variety of sleeping positions, including back sleepers. A firmer mattress keeps the spine aligned all night, which is important for maintaining good posture during the day. The Opal model is also built with an allergen-resistant cover that zips off. It is made from a mix of cotton and velour to prevent allergen buildup.

The Emerald gel memory foam mattress has an extra-thick top layer. This extra-thickness enhances durability and minimizes motion transfer. This mattress also features a visco memory foam top layer, which is the softest and most responsive layer. The Emerald also provides adequate cushioning for shoulders and hips.

The Emerald gel memory foam mattress offers a firmness level comparable to most memory foam mattresses. It begins firm but softens slightly with ambient temperature. It reaches its “balanced” point after ten to fifteen seconds, when it is at six or seven on the firmness scale.

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