Nectar Foam Mattress Reviews

nectar foam mattress reviews

When it comes to buying a mattress, it’s important to read as many reviews as you can. They’ll give you a better idea of what to look for and how to get the most from your new bed. There are a few factors to consider when you’re looking for a new bed, including how firm it is, how soft it is, and whether it’s suitable for heavyweight sleepers.

It’s good value for money

Nectar foam mattress is one of the best value for money mattresses on the market. It’s made from quality materials, offers excellent pressure relief and delivers a good level of motion isolation.

Nectar’s foam construction includes two layers of gel-infused, breathable foam. This allows for air to circulate around the body, removing heat and keeping the mattress cool.

Nectar also features a 6 inch high density foam core. The firm core is designed to provide support for heavier people, while also ensuring the mattress retains its shape.

Nectar’s pressure relief is great and the foam is also well-constructed, but it might not be the most supportive mattress you can get. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you will probably need to look elsewhere.

Nectar’s year-long trial is also an attractive perk. You won’t have to pay a single cent to test out the mattress for a full year. And, if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.

It’s firmer in the center than hybrid and innerspring beds

When choosing a mattress, firmness is an important factor. A softer mattress can make you feel comfortable but it may also cause pressure points. If you’re looking for a good balance of comfort and support, a hybrid or foam mattress can be a great choice.

Nectar is an all-foam mattress with a responsive surface and supportive layer. Its springs and memory materials provide a comfortable hug and pressure-relieving effect. Unlike many memory foam mattresses, Nectar has an edge that provides excellent support.

The Nectar Hybrid features a base of pocketed coils and an 8-inch foam support layer. The top layers include a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam comfort layer, a 1-inch transitional foam layer and a 2-inch lift layer.

While these materials provide excellent pressure relief, the Nectar Hybrid is not as responsive as other beds. This can make changing positions on the mattress difficult.

Another concern is that the mattress is not as ventilated as other models. Its copper fibers keep the body cool, but it does not allow for a full flow of air.

It’s too soft for heavyweight sleepers

The Nectar foam mattress has a decent feel, but it’s not ideal for heavyweight sleepers. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you may be unable to get the support you need.

Nectar uses two layers of gel-infused memory foam to provide comfort and pressure relief. But the bed also has poor edge support. This is particularly problematic for heavier side sleepers, who may find themselves sinking into the mattress. Fortunately, there are some alternative options to try.

You may be better off looking at a hybrid foam/innerspring option, like the Titan Plus foam/innerspring mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. Or you could try out a more traditional memory foam mattress, like the Premier Copper.

Aside from its firmness, Nectar’s other features include a soft, zippered cover. This makes cleaning easier. In addition, the bed has a thin, yet sturdy quilting that helps prevent the mattress from sinking.

The Nectar foam mattress offers good pressure relief, as well as a high contouring layer. It’s a great choice for lightweight back and side sleepers, as well as combination sleepers.

It’s hit or miss with big events

A good mattress is important for an effective and relaxing night’s sleep, but what does a Nectar foam mattress really offer? It’s a good deal and it conforms to your body better than a lot of other mattresses. But, it’s also a bit hit and miss.

One of the main benefits of a Nectar Mattress is its 365-night risk-free trial. That’s three times longer than the standard 100-night sleep trial from most mattress manufacturers. If you don’t like the product, you can return it for a full refund.

Another benefit is the warranty. If something breaks, you have a lifetime warranty to replace it. This is a great option for budget shoppers. There’s no need to pay for shipping or any other fees. The box was heavy and a few hours were required for the mattress to inflate.

The downside is that the sides of the mattress can sag a little when you sit on the edge. While this may be okay for heavier sleepers, lighter side sleepers might have trouble with that.

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