Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Reviews

nectar premier mattress reviews

You’ve likely read many reviews of the Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress but are still unsure if you should buy it. You’re probably wondering about its price, 365-night risk-free trial, and Forever Warranty. In this Nectar Premier Copper Mattress review, we’ll explain all of these topics. Then, we’ll cover the 365-night trial and Forever Warranty.

Review of Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

A Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress review reveals a few important factors about the company’s newest bed. First of all, the Nectar Premier is priced well under $1000. This is a great deal, especially when you consider the company’s deep discounts. The Nectar Premier is a luxurious mattress that provides supportive comfort and plushness, helping keep your spine and joints in great shape.

This four-layer mattress contains four distinct layers, including a gel-infused quilted memory foam layer, a dense foam core, and a cool, breathable top gel layer. The medium-firmness design helps minimize the chances of sleeping on hot spots. Overall, this Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress is priced well below the average price range, and the company offers a full year’s worth of trial periods and prompt customer service.

Price of Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re considering a memory foam mattress, consider the Nectar Copper. This luxurious firm memory foam mattress has three ultra-premium layers of Certi-PUR-certified foam that deliver the perfect combination of softness, firmness, and support. A Nectar memory foam mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for the ideal combination of softness and firmness, so you can get the right rest for your body type and budget.

Another great feature of this mattress is its motion isolation. Since foam mattresses tend to be firm and conforming, they can be quite restrictive when it comes to changing positions. The Nectar Premier Copper mattress is medium-firm, but it’s not too soft, so it won’t sag in when you turn over. It also lacks the bounce that you’ll get from hybrid or latex mattresses. Despite this, it’s still a great choice for couples who prefer an all-foam mattress. A few disadvantages of this memory foam mattress include its small usable surface area and poor edge support.

365-night trial

The Nectar Premier mattress comes with a 365-night trial. This trial gives consumers the opportunity to try the mattress for at least 30 days before making a decision on whether to keep it or return it for a full refund. During the refund process, customers may purchase a new mattress from Nectar and receive free shipping. In the unlikely event of a defect, Nectar offers a limited lifetime warranty for the mattress. If the warranty period expires, Nectar will either replace the mattress or repair the defect.

One of the best things about the Nectar mattress is the 365-night risk-free trial. This is the longest trial period in the bed-in-a-box industry. You can sleep on the mattress through changing seasons and experience the different materials and comfort levels as the temperature changes. For those who need a cool sleep, this is probably not the right mattress for them. Luckily, Nectar’s 365-night trial makes deciding whether or not a Nectar Premier is right for you a breeze.

Forever Warranty

The Nectar Forever Warranty on their mattresses covers defects caused by poor workmanship or manufacturing. This includes visible indentations of 1.5 inches and more. It also covers physical flaws that can result in faster degeneration under normal usage. Cracks, splits, and degeneration of the foam layers are covered by the warranty. Therefore, it’s important to know the details of your warranty before you purchase one.

The Forever Warranty on the Nectar premier mattress is an extra perk. Nectar offers a 365-night trial period, and a lifetime warranty. The foams in the Nectar Premier are CertiPUR-US-certified for safety. It’s made to fit a wide range of bed frames. Nectar’s mattress also comes with a cooling and heat-wicking cover.


The Nectar Premier offers a balance of foam feel. The memory foam is soft and offers body contouring, while the top layers are supportive. Its balance of comfort and support is perfect for average-weight back and side sleepers. Side sleepers should feel almost no pressure on their shoulders or hips while lying on the Nectar Premier. A firmer mattress may be more appropriate for people with more intense needs.

The firmness of the Nectar Premier Mattress is medium. It has enough give to accommodate people who sleep on their sides, but is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. It provides conforming support for back, side, and combo sleepers, but may not be as accommodating for stomach sleepers. For combination sleepers, a latex or hybrid mattress may be better. This product was rated the best mattress of 2022. Its quilted cover, memory foam, and soft support layers help relieve pressure and allow for movement.

Motion isolation

If you have a partner that stirs while they sleep, you can rest easy knowing that the Nectar Premier mattress has excellent motion isolation. If you experience regular waking up from your partner’s restless movements, this mattress is the perfect choice. Its all-foam construction and low movement rate will help isolate motion and reduce disturbance to your partner. Even though it is a thick, luxurious mattress, it’s soft enough to help relieve pressure points and prevent joint and spine misalignment.

One of the first things to know about Nectar mattresses is that they have thick layers of memory foam. These layers are designed to trap heat and contour to your body. The second layer is made from a cooling material called gel memory foam. The quilted cover contains heat wicking and cooling technology. This helps keep you cool while you sleep, and it reduces sweating while you sleep. You can also use a Nectar Premier mattress as a guest bed for a low-cost guest room.

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