Novaform Comfort Grande Mattress Reviews

novaform comfort grande mattress reviews

If you’re looking for a new mattress, the Novaform Comfort Grande may be the one you’re looking for. This brand offers 20-year warranties and will replace products that break or are defective. This brand is also known for being easy to set up. The mattresses are easy to unpack, unroll, and expand to their full shape within minutes.

Serafina Pearl

If you’re a heavy sleeper, the Serafina Pearl mattress might be just what you need. It provides exceptional pressure relief and prevents tossing and turning. It also regulates your body temperature thanks to advanced cooling technology. A downside of this mattress is that it tends to wear out after two or three years. Nevertheless, it’s still a good investment if you’re a heavy sleeper who’s looking for a quality, affordable mattress.

Serafina Pearl mattress reviews reveal that while this model’s feel is neutral, there are some notable differences in firmness and feel. Some sleepers prefer a more bouncy innerspring, while others like a softer feel. The price of this bed-in-a-box mattress is also relatively low. It’s available at Costco for a discount and usually comes with free delivery.

Comfort Grande

The Novaform Comfort Grande mattress is an unquilted medium-firm mattress. Its reviews indicate that this mattress has excellent overall quality. Most customers are satisfied with the mattress. However, there are some complaints about the firmness and edge support. If you are a light sleeper, this mattress may not be the best choice.

This mattress is available in Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. It is made by Novaform, a company that specializes in making mattresses. It is made from high-quality materials and is made of the company’s special type of memory foam. It is well-constructed and is priced reasonably. However, it does require some special care. It should be thoroughly air-dried before use, and you should follow the instructions on the care label.

The Novaform Comfort Grande mattress is a medium-firm memory foam mattress. It does not have a spring system. As a result, it absorbs motion well. However, this mattress does not have an edge support system, so if you frequently toss and turn, you may experience a roll-off sensation near the edge. Nonetheless, it is compatible with most types of bed bases and frames, though the manufacturer does not recommend using this mattress without a frame.


Casper novaform comfort grande mattress reviews reveal that the brand’s latest mattress has a lot to offer. Its advanced design minimizes motion transfer and offers a cool to the touch mattress cover. It is also vacuum-packed for easy delivery and comes with handy side handles for moving it from room to room. In addition, it comes with a 20-year warranty and is available in firm, medium and plush firmness.

One of the key benefits of a memory foam mattress is that it conforms to the body shape and maintains a flat sleeping surface. This helps your spine maintain a natural alignment. However, this type of mattress is not suitable for side sleepers, so you may want to opt for a mattress with a firmer surface.

Cool Sleep Innovations

The Comfort Grande is a medium-firm, unquilted mattress. It is a part of the NovaForm product line from Sleep Innovations. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty. There is a two-inch memory foam center comfort layer, which provides comfort and support. This mattress is not machine washable. The cover should be removed only to clean it with a damp cloth. Care instructions are listed on the mattress label. The manufacturer recommends not to flip the mattress but to turn it on its side occasionally.

The Sleep Innovations NovaForm Comfort Grande mattress model is recommended by 61% of owners on GoodBed. There are 23 reviews on the retailer’s website for this mattress. While the mattress rating score on retailer’s sites is usually higher, GoodBed cannot determine the authenticity of the reviews on those sites.

20-year warranty

The 20-year warranty on the Novaform Comfort Grande mattress is among the longest available for any mattress. It covers any manufacturing defects, but it does not cover indents and rips in the cover. The company will either replace the mattress or repair it, but it will only do so once during the warranty period. While the warranty covers the foam in the mattress, it does not cover the cover, so you should never try to remove the quilted cover to take advantage of the warranty.

The Novaform Comfort Grande mattress is available for purchase through authorized retailers, both brick-and-mortar and online. The retailer will have their own policies for shipping and returning the product, so be sure to defer to those policies before purchasing. Additionally, Novaform does not offer an old mattress removal service, so be sure to inquire about this option with the retailer.

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