Purple Hybrid 2 Review

The Purple Hybrid 2 is a mattress that combines a unique hyper-elastic polymer grid with responsive coils. This hybrid model offers excellent comfort and support for many types of sleepers.

The polymer grid collapses instantly under pressure points to re-form around your body shape. It also has a supportive layer of support coils that should keep your spine in optimal alignment.


Whether you’re looking for a mattress that can relieve pressure or one that provides excellent support, there are many options out there. However, the perfect bed depends on your body type and preferred sleeping position.

Back sleepers typically appreciate an even surface that doesn’t sag and a firm feel, while side sleepers may want some contouring or softness. The Purple Hybrid 2 is ideal for both types of sleepers, combining an exceptional balance of cushioning and support.

Lighter sleepers should find the Purple Hybrid Premier to be a comfortable choice, especially side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. The thicker comfort layers in the Premier give them more room to sink in and conform to their bodies.

It’s also an excellent choice for heavier sleepers. The thick gel grid in the Premier offers a pressure-relieving surface that helps back sleepers stay aligned.


The Purple hybrid 2 is a high-end option for sleepers who want to experience the benefits of both foam and coils. Its 7.5-inch pocketed coil layer provides excellent support and bounce that works well for all body types.

The hybrid layer is surrounded by a slab of high-density polyfoam that prevents sleepers from sinking into the pocketed coils below it and keeps the mattress durable over time. The polyfoam also helps reinforce the edges of the mattress to improve overall edge support.

Motion isolation is another feature that many couples prefer in their beds, and this is something the Purple hybrid 2 does very well. The grid layer only collapses directly beneath your weight, so movement won’t reverberate throughout the entire mattress.

The Purple hybrid 2 is a good choice for light and average-weight side sleepers who want a firm mattress that supports their hips and shoulders, but heavyweight folks may experience too much pressure buildup. For heavier people, the original Purple or a kid’s version are worth considering.

Temperature Regulation

A great way to improve sleep is to get a mattress that keeps you cool. The Purple hybrid 2 has an innovative top layer that contours to your body but doesn’t hold on to heat, helping you stay cooler during the night.

This mattress features a two-inch hyper-elastic polymer grid that stretches across your body to keep you at a comfortable temperature. The open-air channels in this gel-like material allow airflow to circulate freely, which prevents heat from being trapped.

The hybrid 2 also comes with a soft, breathable cover made of polyester (67%), viscose (29%), and lycra (all +/- 5%). This stretchy fabric feels good on your skin and has a little give to it, making it easy to move around on during the night.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a crucial factor for all sleepers, but especially couples who share a bed. Movements from one side of the mattress to the other can cause disruptions, so a bed with a good motion isolation rating is a must for couples who are easily disturbed during their sleep.

Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid works to disperse pressure like memory foam, but without the sinking feeling. This gel-like material can absorb pressure but won’t break down over time, meaning it stays resilient and comfortable for a long time.

The top layer of the Purple Hybrid 2 is made up of a thick two-inch grid of purple’s polymer material. The spacing between the individual squares on the grid makes it more responsive than memory foam, but it still doesn’t achieve the kind of motion isolation you’d find in all-foam mattresses.

The next layer is a slab of durable high-density polyfoam, which helps prevent sleepers from sinking into the pocketed coils beneath it. The support layer is 7.5′′ thick and uses individually encased coils for a firm feel that should suit most sleepers of all body types.

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