Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress Reviews

purple 4 hybrid premier mattress reviews

Buying a mattress is not a simple task, but with a little research and time you can easily find one that is perfect for you. Before you buy, you need to find out what type of mattress you want, which size will best fit you, and whether you will need any specific features.


Whether you’re a back or side sleeper, Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress has a number of features that offer edge support. This may make getting in and out of bed easier.

The top layer of the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is made of a cool Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This layer is thicker than the layers in the other hybrid beds and provides pressure relief. It also conforms to your body.

The bottom level of the bed is made of a soft layer of polyfoam. This layer supports the thick pocketed coil layer. It helps the coils stay intact and prevents sinkage. The lower edge-support foam is firmer than the top layer and matches the integrity of the pocketed coil layer.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is laid out in a grid formation to support the body. It flexes and provides pressure relief, but it also supports the sleeper’s weight. It’s designed to remain sturdy under pressure and distribute the weight evenly.

Edge support

Choosing a mattress with good edge support can make it easier to get into bed. It’s also important for couples who share a bed. If your mattress is not supportive, you could experience more pain at daytime. You also need a mattress that isolates motion so you don’t feel your partner moving around at night. Fortunately, you can find beds like the Purple Hybrid Premier that offer excellent edge support.

This hybrid mattress is made with individually wrapped fabric coils. These coils offer reliable edge support and keep motion transfer to a minimum. They also are not as susceptible to sinkage as foams.

Purple Hybrid’s base layer is made of a basic foam, and it supports the thick pocketed coil layer directly above. It also includes half an inch of foam to neutralize the feel of pocketed coils. This helps keep your hips from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

The comfort layer is made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This material is bouncy and supportive, and it provides most of the mattress’ comfort. It’s also incredibly cooling.


Compared to the average foam mattress, the Purple Hybrid Premier has some unique features. It’s made in the United States and uses certified safe materials. It offers cooling and pressure relief for your back, hips and shoulders. It’s also comfortable, affordable and a great bargain.

The Purple Hybrid Premier’s Hyperelastic Polymer Smart Comfort Grid is an elastic polymer grid that adapts to your body. This bouncy layer supports healthy body alignment for both side and back sleepers. It’s also very comfortable and cradles your body as you move.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 has a lot of cool features. It has a cool top layer that is certified to the CertiPUR-US standard, which verifies the lack of chemicals and off-gassing.

It also has a foam edge support encasement system. It uses two foams to create a perimeter that closely matches honeycomb layers. These layers give you the best of both worlds: supportive edge support and the cooling power of memory foam.


Purchasing a Purple mattress can be a great deal for your wallet. The company offers a wide range of mattresses including the GelFlex Grid, which is a patented polymer material that helps reduce pressure point pain.

The company also offers a 100-night sleep trial for their Purple Mattress. This is a great way to try out the mattress and determine if it’s right for you. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it within the 100-day period for a full refund.

Purple also offers a 10-year warranty on their mattresses. This warranty covers indentation and cracks caused by normal use. However, this warranty does not carry over to the new owner.

The Purple Hybrid mattress has a thin slab of basic foam that supports a thick pocketed coil layer. This combination of gel technology and innerspring coils helps to reduce pressure point pain.

In addition to the Purple mattress return policy, customers can also exchange their mattress for a different model or size. Purple also accepts donations and recycling of old mattresses.

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