Silk and Snow Hybrid Review

silk and snow hybrid review reddit

This Silk & Snow Hybrid review looks at the benefits of this medium-firm mattress. It also focuses on the mattress’s Coil core and memory foam comfort layer. The overall feel of this mattress is medium-firm, but some consumers may find it too firm for their preferences. Those who weigh 130 or less will probably have the most comfort with the Silk & Snow Hybrid, as it provides a good balance of support and contouring.

Medium-firm mattress

The Silk and Snow hybrid medium-firm mattress is a firm option for those who need extra support when sleeping on their back. However, some people who are under 130 pounds may find the mattress too hard. If this is the case, the mattress will not conform to your body shape and will not provide the contouring necessary for proper spinal alignment. People who weigh more than 230 pounds may find it difficult to achieve the right balance between support and cradling.

Memory foam comfort layer

The Silk and Snow mattress features a hybrid memory foam comfort layer made of two layers of memory material. The top layer of memory foam has a traditional feel, but is much more responsive and holds up well. The bottom layer is made of a more responsive material, and the overall comfort is enhanced by a high-quality cover made from silk and snow. Despite the mattress’s hybrid memory foam comfort layer, you may still feel some apprehension if you’re not sure which material you should purchase.

Polyfoam top

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress has two layers, one made of memory foam and one of polyfoam. Both materials contribute to the mattress’s overall comfort. The memory foam top layer is softer than memory foam and should adapt to pressure changes faster than the coil core. This comfort layer is also popular for its “stuck in bed” effect, but the Polyfoam top adds extra plushness to the bed.

Coil core

A memory foam comfort layer is a standard feature of a hybrid mattress. This material is less dense than memory foam, which should respond to pressure changes more rapidly. Many people enjoy this layer’s “stuck-in-bed” feeling. Despite this advantage, it may not be suitable for side sleepers. In that case, the firm foam perimeter is a better option. In addition to limiting sinkage, a firm foam perimeter also increases the usable surface area of a hybrid mattress.

Off-gassing odor

Off-gassing is a common problem with new foam mattresses, and the Silk and Snow hybrid is no different. The bed will release a temporary paint-like smell when it comes out of the packaging. The odor is not toxic, but it can be very unpleasant until the mattress has a chance to fully air out. The off-gassing is usually minimal, but you should give the mattress a day to air out.

Supportive for back sleepers

A back sleeper will enjoy the support provided by the Silk and Snow hybrid mattress. The hybrid’s top layer of quilted polyfoam is topped with a 2-inch layer of memory foam, which keeps your spine in alignment and prevents your hips from pressing too hard into the mattress. The mattress’ bottom layer is made of a supportive 6-inch pocketed coil unit that gives the bed plenty of bounce. The bottom layer is composed of memory foam, so it feels great, but it can be hard to move around on it.

Good for stomach sleepers

A mattress that is firm enough to support a stomach sleeper may be too firm for a side sleeper. Aside from the lack of contouring for pressure points, a mattress that is too firm may create painful arches. While a medium-firm mattress is good for side sleepers, it may be too firm for stomach sleepers who are lighter than 130 pounds. If you are a side sleeper, be sure to choose a bed that gently cradles your hips while still offering sufficient support.

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