Sleep Number 360 C2 Review – Firmness, Price, and Comfort

In this Sleep Number 360 C2 review, I’ll talk about the firmness, price, and off-gassing of this mattress. I’ll also talk about the comfort layer. The price is right and the mattress is comfortable, but which one is better for you? There are some good and bad points to this mattress, but which is the best choice? In this Sleep Number 360 C2 review, I’ll give you my personal opinion on these important aspects of this mattress.


There are some pros and cons to the Sleep Number c2, but there is one thing that you should know before you decide to purchase it. Its patented design features a foam-free inner core that isolates motion from your partner. This helps reduce the possibility of motion transfer, and many customers say that the c2 is firm and stable. The price is a major selling point, too. Compared to other Sleep Number options, it is affordable and comes with a warranty.

The TEMPUR-Adapt mattress costs between $1,699 and $3,398 and is one of the best cooling mattresses on the market. The Sleep Number 360 c2 is adjustable, so you can choose the firmness level that best suits you. The adjustable air bed comes with a remote control to regulate the air volume. It is also equipped with a motion-sensitive sensor, which helps to determine whether you are sleeping too warm or too cold.


The firmness of Sleep Number c2 is adjustable, and is the perfect fit for stomach sleepers. The mattress’ dual air chambers and polyfoam comfort layer provide a firm, yet soft sleep surface for most back sleepers. The mattress tracks your sleep quality with SleepIQ technology and automatically contours to your body pressure. This feature is also compatible with the Sleep Number app. The C2 has a thinner comfort layer than its predecessor.

The Sleep Number 360 C2 is the most inexpensive Sleep Number smart bed. It has DualAir adjustable air chambers, Responsive Air technology, and SleepIQ technology. This smart bed allows both you and your partner to find the right firmness for you. With such an affordable price tag, the Sleep Number C2 is a great option for couples looking for personalized comfort. With so many features, the sleep number 360 c2 is an excellent investment for your money.


The Sleep Number 360 C2 mattress has been receiving a lot of attention since it launched last year. The dual-chamber design allows for customizing comfort for couples. Its support core is split into two separate sections, creating a slight depression in the middle of the mattress. Firmer settings help couples move around in bed easily, which may promote amorous activity. Unfortunately, this design is also susceptible to off-gassing. Off-gassing refers to the release of volatile organic compounds, a by-product of manufacturing. These volatile organic compounds give off a distinctive odor.

Comfort layer

The Sleep Number 360 p6’s comfort layer is infused with a special foam known as Ergonomex. This foam helps relieve pressure points and regulates body temperature. This layer also features ResponsiveAir technology. This innovative layer allows you to control the temperature of the mattress using a remote or an app. This foam can also be a good snore control tool. It comes with a one-inch base pad along the bottom for cushion protection.

The 360(r) i7 mattress features five inches of exclusive memory foam. It is the only Sleep Number bed with built-in cooling technology. This foam also promotes pressure relief and contours to pressure points on the body. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, the 360(r) i7’s features make it an excellent choice. The Sleep Number i7 is a firmer mattress than the i10.

Support bar

Some of the pros of the Sleep Number c2 bed include its dense feel and little motion transfer. Some customers have said that the bed feels very sturdy and stable compared to a memory foam or coil spring mattress. Despite the firmness, customers haven’t found it hard to get comfortable in it. There are no other cons for this mattress that outweigh its pros, though. Here are some advantages of the sleep number 360 c2 mattress.

Sleep Number has revolutionized the mattress industry with its innovative technology. Using advanced sleep tracking, responsive comfort and temperature balancing, they have set a new standard in the industry. Unfortunately, these advanced features have also spawned some complaints. Some customers have reported having to replace adjustable air bladders and electronics. The good news is that these features are very safe for most people. If you’re concerned about durability, the 360 C2 mattress will last for years.

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