Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Pros and Cons

sleep number bed reviews

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, you may be wondering whether or not to buy a Sleep Number bed. This bed is known for its proprietary technology, which enables it to automatically change its firmness and softness based on the user’s body position. The beds automatically pump air into the air chamber and reduce it, depending on the position of the user. There’s a lot of talk about how great this feature is, but does it really work? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Responsive Air(tm) technology

Sleep Number’s Responsive Air(tm) feature automatically adjusts the firmness of the mattress to accommodate your partner’s body heat. This technology is quiet and won’t disturb you while you sleep. While it may not be as responsive as a human, it is still useful in some situations. For example, it can sense movement and adjust the firmness of the bed accordingly.

A Sleep Number bed is made up of several components, including comfort foam, a mattress top, and air chambers. The responsive air is connected to Sleep IQ technology and automatically adjusts the temperature and firmness of the mattress to the desired level while you sleep. You can turn the air pressure on or off by using the Sleep IQ app, or by purchasing an add-on pump.

The Sleep Number 360(r) bed was introduced in 2017. This model has advanced Responsive Air(tm) tech built in to track your sleep and help you achieve your ideal restful sleep. Its FlexFit base adjusts to temperature changes and can raise your head to prevent snoring. The Sleep Number 360(r) bed is the “next level” of sleep technology, according to Sleep Number.

Lack of cushioning

One of the complaints that we hear most from Sleep Number bed reviews is the lack of cushioning. The mattress is made up of two layers of foam, one at the bottom and one on top. These two layers can be two to seven inches thick. Depending on how you set the mattress, the foam may be less supportive on one side than it is on the other. The Tempur-Pedic mattress does not have an adjustable frame, but its Flex model does.

The Sleep Number C2 mattress is the most basic model, but it is still a high-quality product. It is also slightly cheaper than its siblings. The C2 mattress, however, is not recommended for people who are very heavy or overweight. Some customers have reviewed this model and they weigh more than 300 pounds. This may sound like a big deal, but the lack of cushioning may not bother you if you are heavy.


The Sleep Number bed comes in different sizes and prices. The twin XL models come with one air chamber, while the larger ones feature two. Dual air chambers let you set different settings for your partner. Split king models allow two people to choose their perfect sleeping positions independently. The king-sized FlexTop model comes with a split top. The mattresses come with adjustable bases. You can find Sleep Number reviews and customer testimonials online to make your decision easier.

The 360(r) i7 mattress is the only Sleep Number bed that comes with 100% memory foam. It has five inches of memory foam above the air chambers. The foam is cooled, and it bends toward the softer side. This model works well for side sleepers, and back sleepers may want to consider the 360(r) i7 model. Its thicker, more cushioned feel makes it the most comfortable option.

Customer service

The Sleep Number bed has been the subject of many complaints, but none have been more serious than my own. The only complaints I’ve come across are minor ones involving the mattress’s quality and warranty. I have a question about how to contact the company, and I found that the company’s customer service department is extremely helpful. You can find all of their contact details here. Read on for some tips on how to make the most of the service.

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