Sleep Number Mattresses – 5 Sleep Number Reviews

sleep number reviews

Sleep Number is a brand that manufactures adjustable air beds. Their beds are popular with couples because they can be made with dual air chambers so each person can adjust the firmness of their bed to meet their needs.

These mattresses also come with a 100-night trial period and mattress warranty. You can visit a store and talk to sales representatives or try the bed in your own home for free.

The i8

The i8 is the first in Sleep Number’s Innovation series and is designed to offer a premium level of features and comfort. It comes with a dual-zone air chamber that contours to body pressure and adjusts firmness on each side according to your preferred firmness.

It also offers pressure relief for back and side sleepers and supports a variety of sleeping positions. This is especially important for couples whose partners have different sleep preferences.

Another major benefit of this smart mattress is that it monitors and measures your quality of sleep using ballistocardiography, a type of sensor that detects how well you’re breathing and heart rate. This information is sent to an app that you can use to track your progress and set goals.

In addition to this, the i8 has a few other smart bed features that help you achieve restful sleep. You can customize your firmness levels, as well as select a massage mode, and you can even raise the head of the mattress to relieve pressure or stop snoring.

The i10

The i10 is part of Sleep Number’s Smart Bed line of products that combine the benefits of air chamber technology with intelligent software. The i10 uses SleepIQ to sense your body’s movement and automatically adjust to keep you sleeping soundly.

It can also automatically raise your partner’s head if they start to snore so that they don’t get up out of their bed. This makes the i10 an excellent choice for couples who suffer from snoring and are looking to minimize it.

Both the i8 and the i10 have great adjustability features that allow you to find your ideal firmness level with just the click of a button. Both of these mattresses have a 7-inch foam comfort layer that leaves them on the soft/plush side.

Unlike traditional memory foam, the foam combination used in the i8 and i10 is designed to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. This should make it an especially good option for hot sleepers who are struggling to stay cool during the night.

The Ghost SmartBed

Ghost SmartBed is a sleep number mattress that offers patented cooling technology and pressure-relieving materials to help you get the best night’s rest possible. This smart bed uses sensors to read your body’s pressure and adapts to your unique shape.

This mattress also features a cool-to-the-touch cover with a patented gel polymer layer that draws heat away from your body and disperses it through the layers of breathable foam and air in the mattress.

The Ghost SmartBed also has 5 customizable ergonomic zones with adjustable firmness. It’s also very easy to set up, thanks to its user-friendly app that connects the pump system and air chambers. The app will tell you where pressure builds up and you can manually or automatically adjust it to your comfort level.


The ILE is a smart bed made by Sleep Number that comes with smart technology. It has 20 firmness levels, called Sleep Numbers, and a remote control or the SleepIQ app can adjust the air in the mattress’s air chambers to suit your preferences.

This mattress offers a combination of soft foam layers and supportive air chambers, making it ideal for couples or those who like the plush feel of a traditional mattress. It also includes Climatemp foam, which is designed to be temperature balancing and extra breathable to help you stay cool while sleeping.

The iLE also offers a dense foam base pad that helps support the air chambers and overall weight of the mattress. The dual air chambers offer adjustable firmness that can accommodate any sleep position and are hosed to a pump that inflates or deflates them.

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