Southerland Mattress Reviews

southerland mattress reviews

Southerland mattress reviews show that the Southerland mattress is comfortable for the first few months but begins to show deep depressions and dents after a few months. This means that the mattress is giving out, and you may need to purchase a new one after several years. Even if you’ve got a ten-year warranty, dents and a few years of use will reduce the support and comfort of the Southerland mattress.


Southerland mattresses are known for their outstanding motion isolation and edge support. They feature specialized coil systems that virtually eliminate motion transfer. They also offer copper-infused foam for an additional comfort layer. The Signature Hybrid Collection combines premium wrapped coils and comfort locked foams to provide excellent support and pressure relief.

Southerland offers a full line of mattresses from 8 to 15 inches high. They also offer adjustable bases. The Signature Hybrid and Signature collections feature models engineered with targeted lumbar support.

Fire resistant layer

When it comes to a fire resistant layer, you’ll want to know what exactly that means. A fire resistant layer means that the mattress is made with a layer of material that can withstand fire. There are several options available. Some of them include natural thistle, a plant-based material that is eco-friendly and flame resistant. Another type of fire resistant material is wool, which burns slowly and smolders.

Southerland offers two different types of memory foam mattresses: the Dreamcloud, which has a high profile pocketed coil construction, and the Signature Gel, which is an all-foam mattress. Both types feature fire resistant layers that help keep the cushioning effect longer.


Southerland mattresses generally come with a ten-year, non-prorated warranty. However, if you’re interested in the company’s super pillow top model, the manufacturer offers a fifteen-year warranty and a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. Both of these options are reasonable and should give you peace of mind when you buy your new bed.

The Kimball model of the Southerland collection is a 13-inch high mattress with firmer foams. Southerland also offers two foundations for pillowtop and gel foam mattresses, the House Foundation and the Ultra Flex Foundation. Both of these foundations are compatible with adjustable beds.


The price of Southerland mattresses isn’t as high as other brands, and the quality is good. They are designed to be comfortable and flexible for many people. You can find the perfect one to suit your personal sleeping style and preferences. You can also find the right price to fit your budget. The brand has a great reputation in the community, so you’ll be able to find a good deal.

The Southerland Signature Plush mattress offers a number of premium features. These include Individually Wrapped Coils that adjust to your body while you sleep, as well as a layer of gel memory foam in the lumbar area. The cover is made of natural Tencel, which improves moisture absorption and comfort. The Signature Plush mattress is available in multiple firmness levels. It’s a great option if you live in Overland Park, MO.


The Southerland mattress comes with a wide range of firmness options, which can be helpful for different types of sleepers. There are three different collections to choose from, and each features a different comfort layer. The Signature Collection features pressure-relieving high density foam and responsive coil systems. Some models also include copper-infused foam, which promotes healthy sleeping. Other models come with comfort locked foams, which help keep the mattress feeling newer longer. Deluxe models offer premium lumbar foam and zoned coil systems that help relieve back pain. Lastly, the classic line uses alternating coils.

The Kimball mattress from Southerland is a 13-inch high model, which has a medium firmness. This model is also compatible with adjustable beds. In addition, Southerland offers two foundations for pillowtop and gel foam mattresses: the House Foundation, which is a platform, and the Ultra Flex Foundation, which is a hybrid of a box spring and a platform.


The Southerland mattress has a 10-year non-prorated warranty for most models. The Forte Super Pillow Top is an exception with a 15-year warranty and a 120-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. This warranty seems to indicate that this is an older model. To be sure, check the manufacturer’s warranty schedule.

The Signature line of Southerland mattresses offers four different foam comfort layers that vary in firmness and density. The Classic Alto has a classic innerspring feel while the Luxury and Deluxe have thicker layers of memory foam. The Ultimate mattress features innersprings beneath a pocket coil matrix.

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