Spring Air Mattress Reviews – A Comparison Between the Spring Air Four Seasons, Nature’s Rest Gloria Extra Firm, and Spring Air Ella Plush

spring air mattress reviews

If you are looking for a spring air mattress review, you have come to the right place! This article compares and contrasts the Spring Air Four Seasons, Nature’s Rest Gloria Extra Firm, and Spring Air Ella Plush. Read on to learn more about each mattress! Listed below are some of the biggest complaints and pros and cons with each mattress. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which spring air mattress is right for you!

Review of Spring Air Four Seasons

The Spring Air Four Seasons mattress is an adjustable-bed that is both affordable and highly comfortable. It is manufactured by the Spring Air Company and has become a household name, both in the US and abroad. The company also sells its license to smaller local manufacturers, who are able to produce and transport the large, cumbersome mattress at a much lower price. There are currently 35 licensed manufacturers in more than 40 countries.

This bed is perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers. It is also thick and heavy, so it can be difficult to get on and off. However, the firmer it is, the better. The mattress weighs anywhere from sixty to 120 pounds, and it is difficult for shorter people to get on and off. The Spring Air Four Seasons mattress is made for side sleepers, but it can be used for back or stomach sleepers as well. The springs on the springs of this bed are made of high-quality material. The firmness of the mattress is adjustable and it can be used with an adjustable frame or even on the floor.

Review of Nature’s Rest Gloria Extra Firm

I recently purchased a Nature’s Rest Gloria Extra Firm spring air bed in order to find out if this bed was worth the price. It’s a firm bed that provides a high level of back support. It is made from the same materials as other Nature’s Rest spring mattresses and is highly rated by consumers. In my opinion, it is the top of the line spring air mattress.

The Nature’s Rest brand is made from all-natural Talalay latex and linen encased in stretch knit fabrics. Its patented process creates latex that contours to your body and offers superior pressure relief and support. The springs in the Nature’s Rest Gloria Extra Firm are made from recycled plastic bottles and are free of harmful chemicals. Spring Air has partnered with Mattress Firm to test four models of their nature-friendly brand in their stores.

Review of Spring Air Ella Plush

The spring air ellia plush mattress features multiple layers of supportive comfort foam and the Back Supporter Comfort Bridge. The high-density firm comfort foam is a great option if you need a strong support system. This mattress also boasts multiple layers of durable materials that help regulate your body temperature. This mattress also features a Back Supporter Comfort Bridge that reduces motion transfer. In addition, the mattress is made to be ultra-soft to the touch.

Review of Spring Air Gloria Extra Firm

The Spring Air Gloria Extra Firm mattress is a great choice for people who are looking for a good mattress for back pain. This mattress features a 14″ Extra Firm coil with 8″ Nominal Fabric Encased Coil for ultimate body support. Additionally, the mattress has 3 strategically placed support areas, allowing for even body weight distribution. Additionally, the firmer coils on the edges provide additional support. Moreover, you can get a 10 year full replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

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