Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm Mattress Reviews

stearns and foster estate hurston luxury cushion firm mattress reviews

If you are looking for a firm mattress for your bed, you might want to consider the Stearns and Foster Estate Hurson Luxury Cushion Firm Mattress. This mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-end mattress at a reasonable price. It is comfortable for heavier back and stomach sleepers as well.


The Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm Mattress is a hybrid model designed with high-quality materials. The mattress has a Tencel fabric cover that improves airflow. This mattress also features a dual coil-in-coil design to provide a plush and supportive feel.

With the right amount of pressure relief and support, the Hurston Cushion Firm is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. The mattress has three layers of Gel Memory Foam that keep painful pressure points at bay. Moreover, the mattress is made with the world’s finest materials.

In addition to the Gel Memory Foam, the Hurston has an AirVent System that prevents heat buildup. Additionally, the IntelliCoil(r) Advanced coil design promises to adapt to the shape and motion of the body.

The Reserve Collection offers a luxurious feel with extra pillow tops and support features. These mattresses are thick, with a sturdy profile.

Firmness levels

The Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm mattress is a high-quality hybrid model. It’s designed with the finest materials, and offers exceptional support.

This mattress provides a dual coil-in-coil design, as well as a gel-infused polyfoam core. This helps keep your spine aligned throughout the night. Plus, the Tencel cover keeps you cool and dry.

Compared to the previous model, the Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm offers more firmness options. With gel foam layers in three firmness levels, you can choose from cushion firm to plush. But, keep in mind that these mattresses tend to retain heat.

Moreover, the Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm has an AirVent System, which prevents heat from accumulating. Also, it has a high-density coil border, which provides stable edge support.

Comfort level

If you are looking for a hybrid mattress, Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Luxury Cushion Firm is an excellent choice. This hybrid mattress features three layers of Gel Memory Foam and a high-quality inner spring system. It is also covered with a Tencel fabric, which wicks away moisture and keeps the sleeper cool.

The Estate Collection is the lower-priced collection from Stearns and Foster. Besides the luxury comfort, these mattresses also promote longevity and durability. They come in a wide range of firmness levels, ranging from soft to plush.

Stearns and Foster also offers a more expensive collection called Reserve. Most of the Reserve mattresses are thick, with luxurious fabrics and support features. These beds are best for back sleepers.

However, there are some negative reports about the durability of these models. If you are concerned about the durability of your new mattress, you may want to consider other brands.

Comfort for heavier back and stomach sleepers

Stearns and Foster offers an array of mattresses for a wide range of comfort levels. The brand’s products are crafted with luxury touches, such as navy banding, side handles, and air vents to promote airflow. They feature premium fabric and high-quality weaving.

These beds feature a patented coil system that provides pressure relief and support for the entire body. They are also available in a number of firmness options. It’s important to consider your sleep position before you make a purchase. Some sleepers may prefer a medium firm mattress, while others may need a mattress with a higher firmness.

Stearns & Foster’s line of hybrid models combine pocketed coils with memory foam. This helps distribute weight evenly across the entire body, which may help reduce back and neck pain.

Comfort for people under 250 pounds

If you are looking for a high-end mattress, Stearns and Foster are one of the best options. They offer four different collections and are available online. Their mattresses are made with the highest-quality materials.

These models include the Reserve Collection, Estate Collection, Hurston, and Rockwell. All of them feature a variety of comfort levels. There are also pillow-top versions, and a number of models have a coil-on-coil construction.

Each model has a foam-encased edge that features a border rod for better edge support. This system also helps to keep the ends of the bed cool.

The Estate Collection is a premium luxury line from Stearns and Foster. Available in several firmness levels, the mattresses promote longevity and durability. Among their most advanced features are IntelliCoil(r) Advanced coil designs that adapt to the shape and motion of the sleeper’s body.

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