Stearns and Foster Rockwell Luxury Plush Reviews

stearns and foster rockwell luxury plush reviews

The Stearns and Foster Rockwell Luxury Plush mattress receives an overall 4 Star Rating on consumer reports. While this mattress is an innerspring mattress, it is loaded with premium features. It is definitely a step up from its predecessor. In this review, we look at how the firmness levels compare, the Pillow top, and the price. In addition, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each model.

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Whether you are looking for a luxurious plush mattress or a comfortable one that will keep you cool at night, you will find the best options for you in the Stearns and Foster Estate Rockwell collection. This collection is available in a variety of comfort levels and has been meticulously crafted by Certified Master Craftsmen. You will find many great features in this collection, including a ventilated coil system for cool sleep. Its exclusive foam was created by scientists at Tempur-Pedic for utmost comfort. Its patented coil-within-coil system allows any sleeper to find the perfect support level. Moreover, its high-density coil border ensures flexible and durable edge support. Finally, this mattress will maintain its shape year after year, ensuring that you will have a comfortable night

Besides having a luxurious cover made from a natural fiber, this mattress also features Indulge memory foam, which was developed by scientists from Tempur-Pedic. The foam contours to your body’s curves for pressure relief and comfort. Additionally, the Stearns & Foster Rockwell mattress includes a firm innerspring with a coil in coil design.

Firmness levels

The Stearns & Foster Rockwell luxury plush mattress is made with a plush comfort layer and features moisture-wicking fibers that improve breathability. The mattress includes Indulge memory foam, which is an exclusive Stearns & Foster technology. This mattress is supportive and features an IntelliCoil system that allows you to customize the level of firmness.

The Estate Rockwell luxury plush mattress is firm enough to support a heavier individual or those who sleep on their side a lot. The hybrid mattress is perfect for people of all body types and weight. If you weigh less than 250 pounds, you’d be happy with any Stearns & Foster mattress, though the Reserve and Luxe Estate models might be a bit heavy for you. The Reserve and Luxe Estate models have two layers of coils and may be too firm for a lighter person. If you’re petite, you don’t need this additional support.

The Rockwell luxury plush mattress features a patented Indulge memory foam formulated by Tempur-Pedic scientists. This foam provides both plush comfort and support. The luxurious mattress also features a patented coil-within-coil design that allows all sleepers to find the perfect firmness level. The premium Indulge Memory Foam is a layer that contours to the shape of the body. The dual-stage innerspring system provides firm and soft support, while the breathable cover helps to keep the mattress cool and comfortable all night long.

Pillow top

If you’re looking for a high-quality pillow top mattress, you’ve probably come across Stearns and Foster. The company is renowned for producing mattresses with a premium innerspring system. But the company has gone beyond that with its Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm mattress, an award-winning hybrid that brings comfort into the 21st century. The firmness of this mattress is so extreme that it may convert a back sleeper.

While this company has been making quality mattresses for over 150 years, Stearns and Foster has seen a recent resurgence in sales and recognition among luxury mattress buyers. The company offers traditional innerspring coils that are topped with plush layers of cushioning materials. They’ve also recently introduced hybrid mattresses. However, despite their high-end reputation, the company does not make any all-foam mattresses.


The Estate Collection by Stearns & Foster was developed to provide supreme comfort and support. Its Certified Master Craftsmen create it with the world’s finest materials. All the mattresses in the Estate Collection feature the IntelliCoil for the perfect amount of support. The estate collection features a wide selection of styles and a low price tag. For more information, visit the website of Stearns & Foster.

The Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Plush is the second model in the luxury plush line. It offers the best overall value for the price. Its luxurious design offers premium features while maintaining a neutral level of comfort. It is made to contour to the body and offers solid support and pressure relief. Its luxurious feel makes it the best choice for combination sleepers. Depending on your needs, you can choose a mattress from the Estate Rockwell Luxury Plush collection.

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