SweetNight Twilight Mattress Review

sweetnight twilight mattress review

SweetNight Twilight mattress has zoned support right up to the edge. It is specifically made for those under 230 lbs, so there is no chance of material compression or roll-off. In addition, the mattress has a plush pillow top that relieves pressure on the angular parts of the body and helps distribute the weight evenly.

Gel-infused memory foam

A SweetNight Twilight mattress has three layers of comfort foam, including gel-infused memory foam. This material offers a slow response to pressure and body contouring, allowing you to sink deeper into the mattress. It also helps regulate your body heat, making it the perfect choice for warm sleepers.

A firm mattress is better for pressure relief and spinal alignment, while a softer one is better for side and stomach sleepers. The SweetNight Twilight has a firmness level for back, stomach, or combination sleepers. Side and stomach sleepers, however, need a softer bed for their hips and shoulders.

While many consumers love the comfort that a gel-infused memory foam mattress provides, it can be a problem for those with sensitive skin. This type of foam can feel restricted and may cause painful pressure points. This is especially true if you weigh less than 230 pounds. A mattress should not be too firm for people under that weight, so a hybrid model might be the better option.


The Sweetnight Twilight mattress comes in a medium firmness, a mid-level option. This firmness level is best for back sleepers under 130 pounds, but it can be too soft for those who are heavier. Back sleepers who are between 130 and 230 pounds may find that their hips sink in. This can lead to pain in the lumbar region.

The SweetNight Twilight mattress is ideal for back sleepers, but it may be too firm for side and stomach sleepers. If you are over two hundred pounds, you’ll probably need a firmer mattress to prevent pressure points from developing in your shoulders.


This bed’s three layers offer support and comfort for the whole body. The first is Air-flow high-density foam, which is fairly responsive and bouncy, and is then followed by gel memory foam, which provides pressure relief and helps dissipate heat. The second layer of foam provides additional support and comfort, with pocketed coils that are individually wrapped to provide zoned support and comfort.

The support level on the SweetNight Twilight mattress is excellent for back sleepers, though it can be too firm for stomach and side sleepers. It is also too firm for heavier people, so it might not be the right choice for them.

Shipping charges

If you’re looking for a new mattress but are on a budget, the SweetNight Twilight might be the perfect option. It offers high-quality support, motion isolation, and pressure relief at a reasonable price. Other options include the DreamCloud, which is a premium hybrid mattress. This mattress is firmer than the Twilight, so it might be better for heavier front sleepers. The Noa mattress is another medium-firm option.

Shipping charges for SweetNight Twilight mattresses vary by size. The 10-inch mattress costs $498, while the 12-inch mattress costs $701. This bed is not available in twin or California king sizes. It comes with a 10-year warranty, but the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.


The SweetNight Twilight is a medium-firm mattress that provides pressure relief and supportiveness. It is also fiberglass-free. The price of this mattress is just $448 for a full size. However, you can save 15% with the discount code DAN. One drawback is that you can’t remove or wash the cover.

The price is quite low compared to other mattresses of the same quality. However, the mattress offers excellent comfort and support that you would expect from a higher-priced mattress. It is a medium-firm mattress that’s ideal for side sleepers and those who weigh less than 230 pounds. This mattress also has a soft pillow top for added comfort and zoned support.

The SweetNight Twilight mattress is available in king, queen, and full sizes. It doesn’t come in twin or full sizes, so it’s a good choice for couples or for those with larger beds. The mattress’s coils are individually wrapped to limit the amount of movement they can cause. However, you may still feel movement from your partner getting in and out of bed. In addition, you might experience off-gassing, which is common with foam mattresses but considered harmless by experts.

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