Wilderness RV Mattress Reviews

wilderness rv mattress reviews

The Bear Trek RV mattress gets glowing reviews from people who’ve tried it. Those who’ve slept on a GhostBed or Brooklyn Aurora mattress can’t get enough of this RV mattress. Here are a few more of my recommendations. If you’re in the market for a new RV mattress, read on. This will help you make a wise choice. This mattress is made of soy-based foams that contour to your unique shape. There’s a support core of individually pocketed coils that reinforce the sleep surface. This mattress comes in 60 different RV-friendly sizes, including a few that were created with bunks in mind. Its eight-inch profile won’t be too thick for most frames, and the mattress is finished with a smooth suede border.

Bear Trek mattress

If you’re tired of sleeping on your hard-earned money in a bed with an uneven surface, the Bear Trek RV mattress may be just the right choice for you. The medium-firm mattress features an all-foam construction that helps reduce movement disturbances and offers exceptional pressure relief. Hikers will be happy to know that this mattress offers superior support and improved rest. Available in queen, king and bunk sizes, the Bear Trek is priced under $700. It comes with a 100-night trial period and a five-year warranty.

Considering the nature of the environment in which you’ll be traveling, an RV mattress needs to be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions. It may even be used year-round, and it’s not always easy to keep your RV clean. Latex foam has antimicrobial properties and is also resistant to mold and mildew, which makes it the perfect choice for hotter climates. This feature can also help you feel cooler when you’re in a humid environment.

Brooklyn Aurora

If you’re looking for an RV mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is an excellent option. This mattress comes in three firmness levels, a combination that allows you to choose the perfect fit for your sleeping style. Brooklyn Bedding used a layer of TitanFlex foam in the middle of the mattress, a material that responds quickly to movement and contours to the body. The result is a comfortable bed no matter where you choose to sleep.

The mattress’ memory foam layer is a firmer than the average one, so it’s great for back sleepers. The mattress also provides support for the lower back and spine. The memory foam layer also isolates motion and keeps the sleeper cooler than other all-foam mattresses. In our review, we found the mattress comfortable and supportive, and recommend it for RVs and campers. Read on to learn more about the Brooklyn Aurora wilderness RV mattress and its pros and cons.


While RVers who love the comfort of an all-foam mattress might be tempted to go for an all-foam RV mattress, this particular product isn’t ideal for this type of travel. Its three layers of foam, including memory foam and latex, aren’t as firm as they could be. Regardless, a medium-firm foam mattress will be the best choice for back or stomach sleepers who need adequate support. In addition, GhostBed’s cover is made of soft viscose fabric, which allows for easy ventilation and wicking away heat and moisture.

The company advertises its warranty length on its website and social media channels. Whether it covers years eleven and beyond, the warranty is well worth the cost. However, the warranty is most beneficial during the first 10 years, which is why RVers should consider the GhostBed’s 20-year warranty. The warranty covers structural defects, and any flaws that crack the foam layers should be covered by the warranty. While a lifetime warranty may be adequate for RVers, it won’t be enough for those who spend more than a couple of years in their RV.

Brooklyn Wanderlust

The Wanderlust RV mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is an excellent choice for those traveling in their RV. Made of high-density foam with gel-infused memory foam for comfort and support, this mattress is available in a variety of sizes. The thicker models feature an extra layer of transition foam for added support. The Brooklyn Wanderlust RV mattress offers a 120-night risk-free trial and a ten-year warranty.

The mattress is made with multiple firmness levels to accommodate a wide range of sleepers. Side sleepers should choose the Medium (6/10) firmness, while back and combination sleepers can opt for the Firm option (8/10). The Brooklyn Wanderlust RV mattress features a breathable cover and gel-infused foam layers for enhanced comfort. High marks were given for pressure relief, edge support, and spine alignment. Low motion transfer is a potential red flag, however.

Brooklyn Dynasty Gel Memory Foam mattress

For campers who like to sleep on their sides, there are numerous foam mattresses on the market. While foam beds are generally a good option, some people are prone to back or side pain. The Brooklyn Dynasty Gel Memory Foam wilderness rv mattress reviews highlight its benefits for back and side sleepers. Listed below are some of its pros and cons. Read on to find out if this bed is right for you!

Some of the pros of this mattress include its moderate firmness. It contours around pressure points to keep the spine in proper alignment. Unlike soft mattresses, which can cause the spine to arch in one direction, a medium-firm mattress will help prevent this. This mattress is suitable for average to heavy individuals, and it also features a coil base to help keep the hips and lower back supported.

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