Zenhaven Mattress Review – Which Side of the Mattress is Right For You?

zenhaven mattress review

This Zenhaven mattress review is a frank assessment of what to expect from a Zenhaven mattress. While it is not inexpensive, this mattress does offer excellent value for money. It is made with high-quality materials, so you can be sure that you will be getting a good night’s sleep. As a recovering insomniac, I can attest to that! Read on for some of my personal findings.


If you are an extremely heavy sleeper, you will want a medium-firm zenhaven mattress. The firm side should support your back and hips while providing enough sinkage for your lumbar area. On the Luxury Plush side, you will enjoy the softness and extra sinking, but it will not give you as much support as the firm side does. The Firm side will be perfect for those who don’t have a heavy weight to shift, but it is not the best choice for side sleepers.

Luxury Plush

The Zenhaven mattress is an all-natural latex bed that provides two firmness settings: a luxurious plush and a gentle firm. This dual firmness option offers two distinct feel options while still offering the support you need for your specific sleeping position. While the luxury plush side is ideal for stomach and side sleepers, the gentle firm side is perfect for back sleepers who want a firmer feel that supports spinal alignment. A firm mattress that responds to every position is ideal for combination sleepers.


A Zenhaven mattress is a great option if you’re looking for a natural, all-natural mattress. The combination of latex and wool creates a cushioning feel and promotes heat escape. You’ll find that your body stays cooler and your spine remains aligned, which is crucial for a good night’s sleep. But which side of the mattress is right for you? Read on for a Zenhaven mattress review to find out.


The Medium firmness on the Zenhaven mattress is perfect for side sleepers, but heavier sleepers may want something firmer. The firm side is prone to pressure points and may not provide enough support for the lumbar area. Alternatively, the Luxury Plush side is less firm and may cause pressure points on the hips. This mattress comes in two firmness levels. Each side offers different benefits. This Zenhaven mattress review will tell you which side is best for you.


During my Zenhaven mattress review, I noticed two important qualities of this brand. The first, the latex used in the mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites. In addition to that, the latex foam used in this mattress has antimicrobial properties. While memory foam and petroleum-based latex are less resistant to odor-causing microorganisms, both of these materials are excellent at preventing dust mites. Moreover, I noticed that the latex used in this mattress is made up of 100% Talalay latex. That means that the Zenhaven is much better for sleeping couples than it would be for light sleepers.


The Eco-friendly Zenhaven mattress features a 5-zoned comfort system with a layer of Talalay latex for pressure relief and back pain relief. Its denser support layer offers a firmer base and resilience. The built-in variable firmness system allows you to set the firmness level for each side of the mattress. Choose from two firmness levels: plush and gentle. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a medium and a firmer mattress.


A Zenhaven mattress is not cheap. The price of a Zenhaven mattress is higher than that of other direct-to-consumer brands, but it’s well worth it if you are tired of your old innerspring mattress. Its unique material helps it absorb motion and is durable. It can last as long as 20 years and offers great value for money. But latex is a more expensive material than foam or innerspring, so you’ll want to consider this before you purchase.

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